What Is Ahu Nau Nau?

If you ask us what Ahu Nau Nau we will tell you that they are ancient statues that share the story of Easter Island.

What is Ahu Nau Nau?

If you ask us what Ahu Nau Nau? We are going to tell you that it is a statue constructed on Easter Island. It’s a compilation of seven different statues, out of which four statues have not been eroded, the fifth stands tall but has the crown missing, the sixth lacks the head, and the seventh stands on its torso.

 They were built decades ago but have been recently restored in the year 1970. people from all over the world come to see them. These statues look extraordinary standing on the shores of the Anakena beach about 150 meters inland.

What made these statues so popular? 

These statues portray the history and culture of Easter Island. It is believed that the first kings of Easter Island, who were ideally known to be the chiefs of the Miru Clan, settled on Easter Island and constructed these statues.

How old is Ahu Nau Nau?

Archaeologists have found different archaeological excavations in Anakena, according to which it has been derived that there were three different periods of construction. Ahu Nau Nau I is believed to be the first to be constructed in 1100 A.D., followed by Ahu Nau Nau II and Ahu Nau Nau III. 

The second, popularly known as Ahu Nau Nau II, was built between 1190 and 1380 A.D. The third, also known as Ahu Nau Nau III, is said to be the latest phase. This was built around 1300 to 1400. It is also said that the wife of Hotu Matuá was buried here. 

How did Ahu Nau Nau survive for so many years?

Strange but true, the clans that stayed on the island during that period fought between themselves, and the statues were broken down partially by them. But because these statues were buried in the sand for so many years until 1970, they remained protected from erosion. 

Finally, between 1978 and 1980, the restoration started. As a result, today, the Ahu Nau Nau is considered the most attractive archaeological site on the entire island. 


Therefore, if you ask us what Ahu Nau Nau? We’ll tell you that it is a statue constructed on Easter Island that makes the shores of the Anakena beach truly beautiful. These statues share with us the true story of the true survivors who made Easter Island into what it is today.