What Does Poach Mean?

Poaching conveys lots of meanings and you will get to know about the true meaning of poaching when you explore this blog.

Learning new words is a hobby. Children and students showcase interest in learning new words since it improves their vocabulary skills to a great extent. Students preparing for TOEFL, GRE, and entrance exams will benefit when they use new words. 

There are thousands of English words in the dictionary, and you cannot memorize all the words in a short duration. Rather than memorizing hundreds of words, it is better to learn one or two words daily. There is a word called poach that has two meanings. Now you may ask a question – what does poach mean?

The dictionary meaning of the word poach is ‘to cook in a simmering liquid’. There is one more definition for poaching, and it is trespass or encroachment. 

Does poaching and poaches convey the same meaning or not?

The term poaching is hunting the animals illegally or capturing wild animals using illegal methods. An example of poaching is ‘Poaching of wild animals is a non-bailable offence in the USA’. Look at the style of how the word poaching is used in a sentence – Poach in honey syrup flavoured with ginger. The word poach conveys two different meanings. 

The term poach is very similar to boiling or soaking, whereas poaching refers to violating the laws of the land and killing wild animals for the sake of money

You will get a better insight when you look at a few more sentences. Listed below are the sentences that have the words poach and poaching. 

– The USA, UK, Africa, and India have successfully enacted new regulations under poaching law. 

– Poach the eggs in water for a few minutes.

– Peel and cut the onions and poach them in water.

– Poachers were caught red-handed by the police

– Do not attempt to poach the students

– Bake the fish in the water or poach it under the light

– Poaching endangered animals like deer in India is a non-bailable offence

– Should I scramble or poach the bread

So, if you carefully look at the above sentences, you will understand that the term poaches, and poaching conveys different meanings. 

Is poaching and grabbing the same?

Poach is attempting to take something from someone using force or without force. Grabbing is taking something from others by force. Secrecy is maintained in poach. On the other hand, there is no secrecy when someone steals by force. A forceful attempt is used while stealing something from others. 

Hence, poaching and grabbing are not the same.   

Poach is also used when somebody or something becomes muddy or soft. The goat poached the riverbank into a mess of mud.

You must show caution while using poach in a sentence since it conveys lots of meanings. Read on to get an insight on the usage of poach and poaching.

The synonyms for poaching are hunt, cook, boil, stab, and steal. The interviewers may test your English language in various ways and judge your knowledge based on your answers. If you do not give a convincing reply, then your application may be rejected. 

They may ask you a simple question – what does poach mean? If you give the correct answer, the interviewers may call you for the next round of interviews. The word poach comes in sporting events like badminton, tennis, table tennis, and volleyball. If you are advancing into the territory of the opposite team, then it is termed poaching. 

Practice makes perfection. Graduates and working professionals preparing for competitive exams will come across new words when they read newspapers, magazines, weeklies, and journals regularly. You should also develop the habit of exploring online news channels.