Aurora, Colorado, the city of attractions

have you ever heard about Aurora, co? Have you ever been to Aurora? Do you know some basic facts about Aurora? what county is aurora co?

Aurora is a city in Colorado, the United States which was initially named a fletcher. It was named Fletcher after the founder of the city, Donald fetcher. Donald was a Canadian. 

It is located in the southwest region and has an area of 369.5 km squares.

The nearby cities are Commerce City, Castle Wood, Denver, and Lakewood.

Denver international airport is the nearest airport to aurora city.

The History 

It was founded around 1800 by a Canadian born named Donald Fletcher. It was after his name that initially, which was known as Fletcher. 

After the silver crash of 1893, Donald left Aurora, leaving the whole community under debt. 

After that, Denver took control of the Aurora, and it started growing under the shadow of Denver. Under Denver, Aurora became the fastest-growing community in the United States. 

In the early 20s, there was a large military presence also. Lowry air force base covering Aurora and Denver was built in 1938. 

This is the third-largest city in Colorado. It ranked 51 and is the most populated in the whole United States. This is a major city of the front range urban corridor.

The Geography

Aurora is located at a height of 5471 feet. According to the US census of 2020, the total area is 102851 acres including 368 acres of water. It is ranked 54th inland of all the US states. It has dozens of neighbours. Some of its neighbours are – Aurora heights, black stone, Chelsea, Aurora hills, etc.

In the east, it is surrounded by Watkins. In the west by Denver and Centennial, in the north by Denver, and the south by Greenwood village. 

It is the centre of Colorado refugees. Among many communities, there are around 30000 populations of Ethiopians and Eritreans. Also, there are Nepalese refugees.

Main attractions 

  • The city has so many parks, open spaces, etc. It also has award-winning golf courses. Some of the names of golf courses are Valley Country Club, Heritage Eagle Bend Golf Club, etc. 
  • It also has various important wildlife habitats. Also, Aurora has a water reservoir that offers opportunities for outdoor water pursuits. 
  • Aurora has various farms, parks, and many natural sites. Also, it has many historic sites and theatres for arts and cultural activities. 
  • It also has a public library with many branches. 
  • Aurora organizes an orchestra program annually. 
  • Aurora also organizes various educational programs which means it has a good system for education also. 

The Amazing Facts 

  • Aurora has one friend city that is Antiguo cuscatlan. 
  • Its sister cities are Ethiopia, South Korea, and Costa Rica.
  • It is known for its special food, arts, and culture golfing, parks and also relaxing atmosphere.
  • Aurora was initially Fletcher after Canadian businessman Denver Fletcher who, also is the founder of Aurora. 
  • It has the most beautiful mountains and some breathtaking views.
  • Aurora in Latin means dawn.
  • It is the third-largest city in the state.
  • Aurora has colorado’s best Korean food.
  • It has a world-class facility of accommodations.
  • It is a bike-friendly city.
  • It is also referred to as colorado silicon valley.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

  1. Where is aurora situated? 
  • Aurora is a city in colorado. The United States.
  1. What are the sister cities?
  • Sister cities are Ethiopia, Costa Rica, South Korea.
  1. What does the word aurora mean?
  • Aurora in Latin means dawn. 


Aurora also, the silicon valley of colorado is the most fascinating city in the state of Colorado. With the best education and breathtaking views of mountains, it makes the city worth living in. You can also enjoy the wildlife here as it has some of the great parks with animals like buffalo etc. also golfing is the most played there and it has award-winning golf courses.

It is a very peaceful city where they have world-class accommodation also. Bars and nightclubs ad theatres make the nightlife exciting in the town. Sure you have got the answer for the question “what county is aurora co”?