What Is Xp In Pokemon Go ?

If you ask us what is XP in Pokémon Go, we will tell you that XP is an experience point that the users need to proceed to the next level in Pokémon Go.

 If you are wondering what XP is, then let us tell you that XP in Pokémon Go is experience points that a gamer needs to collect while playing Pokémon Go. The player needs these points to move to the next level. 

 What is Pokémon Go? 

 Pokémon Go is a game developed by The Pokémon Company in collaboration with Nintendo in the year 2016. Since then, it has been a craze among children. Pokémon Go has gained immense popularity over the years because of its interesting levels that always keep children on their toes. Another reason for the growing popularity of Pokémon Go is because, along with children, even adults find the game interesting.

 How to collect XP in Pokémon Go?

 Everything that you do earns you XP in Pokémon Go. It’s the only way to proceed to the next level. Unfortunately, you won’t buy experience points to go to the next level, but here are some easy ways to help you earn them easily. 

  • You can hatch a 2K egg and earn up to 200 XP
  • If you can hatch an egg of 5K, you can earn 500 XP
  • If you can beat a legendary raid boss in Pokémon Go, you can earn up to 10000 XP.
  • Becoming friends is also a good way of earning XP in the game that will help you speed up and proceed to the next level. If you become an ultra-friend in Pokémon Go, you earn 50,000 XP and similarly, if you are successful in becoming a best friend, you can earn 1,000,00 XP.

Just in case you cannot earn XP on your own and need help or are looking for ways to double the experience points while playing the game, you can invest in buying lucky eggs from the Pokémon shop. 

One lucky egg will cost you 80 poke coins, and eight lucky eggs will cost you 500 poke coins. If you don’t intend to spend your poke coins, you can try looking for these eggs in the special boxes available to you while playing the game. If you are lucky, you might find one without having to spend any poke coins. 

 These lucky eggs double the experience points you collect after getting the eggs and help you increase your XP. The effect of the lucky eggs lasts for approximately 30 minutes. So it’s by far the surest and fastest way to increase your experience points.  


Therefore, if you want to know what is XP in Pokemon Go? We can say that they are experience points and if you want to collect XP in Pokémon Go, you can either look for them in surprise boxes while you are playing the game, target hatching eggs of 2K and 5Kor becoming an ultra-friend or best friend. These tricks are going to earn you XP ranging from 200 to 1,000,00. And if you wish to get them faster, you can also choose to buy lucky eggs from the Pokémon shop, which temporarily doubles the XP you collect, but the magic effect of the lucky eggs is going to last only for 30 minutes. The more XP you collect, the more interesting the game gets in each round.