What Is Jesus Zodiac Sign?

If you wonder what is Jesus’ zodiac sign let us tell you that Jesus Christ is believed to be a Pieces because of being born in the Piscean age.

 What is Jesus’ zodiac sign? is a rather controversial topic because no one knows the exact date of birth of Jesus Christ. 

Although the birthday is celebrated worldwide on December 25th all over the world, it is mentioned in the Bible that Jesus was born on a warm night because the shepherds had kept their sheep’ outside when they heard the angels singing. “

 What is a zodiac sign? 

 Before we get into what is Jesus’ zodiac sign let us first tell you what is a zodiac sign. A zodiac sign corresponds to an astrological age. It is believed that the world had twelve different astrological ages when it went through climatic changes and the twelve zodiac signs represent these ages. Out of these signs, the pieces represent the Piscean age, which starts in A.D. 1 and ends in A.D. 2150. 

 Why is Jesus considered to be a Pisces? 

 Multiple reasons denote that Jesus Christ was a Pisces. 

  • The story of the birth of Christ is believed to be from the Piscean era. The date of birth of Jesus Christ is celebrated on December 25th, which happens to be in the same era. 
  • The twelve disciples of Jesus Christ were called the fishers of men, and traditionally early Christians were called little fishes in early history. Since fish is a symbol of Pisces, people consider Jesus’ to be a Pisces.   
  • It is believed that Jesus Christ himself carried traits of a Pisces. His personality resembled that of a Pisces man.
  • “Ichthus” was a code word for Jesus, which meant fish in Greek is also a reason why most people believe that Jesus was a Pisces. 

The Pisces month also demarcates the beginning of the Christian era, which is another reason why Jesus Christ is believed to be a Pisces. 


Therefore, we can say that it is believed that Jesus is a Pisces even though his birthday is celebrated on December 25th as Christmas because the era when Christ was born is believed to be a Piscean era. Christ also had the personality traits of a piece’s man. Moreover, the code for Jesus was Ikthus which means fish in Greek. Therefore, these signs denote that Jesus Christ was a Pieces.