How Many Seven-Star Hotels Are In The World?

When I say Vacation and hotel go hand in hand, I am not kidding. Who doesn't want an escape from daily life and a home you spend every minute in? I surely do. If you are looking for Information about seven-star hotels globally or who want to gain knowledge, this is the right article for you.

Signiel Seoul In South Korea- This hotel is known for its elegant panoramic view, which can be seen from all the 235 rooms of the hotel.

So, how many seven-star hotels are there in the world?

You will be shocked to know that there are only a few seven-star hotels globally, not even official. There is no such thing as a seven-star rating as nobody offers a seven-star rating to a hotel. There is one hotel that is famous for its seven-star standard. Any guess where it can be? Where else, only in Dubai, you can find such luxury.

Burj Al Arab is a hotel in Dubai, UAE, that is said to be a seven-star rating hotel. According to a reporter who attended the opening suggested that only five stars cannot do justice to the great and luxurious standard of the hotel, due to which the term seven-star came into existence. The hotel is greatly known for its luxury and high expenses. 

Some hotels of the world are whispered to be Seven-star hotels.

As there is no such thing as seven stars, some hotels in the world are known to make you feel like a millionaire with the amenities they provide to make you feel cared for and pampered and like the most important person in the world. 

  • Hotel Plaza Athenee, Paris: This is known for its location as it is built in front of the Eiffel tower, which is the best thing as Paris is known for the Eiffel Tower.
  • Pangu Seven Star Hotel In Beijing, China: The hotel’s exterior is filled with Chinese culture, and inside provides you the luxury one could ask for.

  • The Mark, New York- Known for its fancy standards, is even the hotel visited by big celebrities. No wonder why it’s said to be seven stars. 
  • Full Moon Hotel In Baku, Azerbaijan- As the name suggests, it’s built-in the moon’s shape and known for its uniqueness. 


In summary, there is no such thing as seven-star hotels, but with the standard some hotels provide, it doesn’t feel like five stars would do the justice. 

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