How Many Glasses Per Bottle Of Wine?

Many wine bottles are present in the market, and among them, the major question is how many glasses you can drink from a standard size. Read this passage to understand more and gain a good answer.

Consuming wine has become quite common these days, and if you are wondering how many glasses per bottle of wine, then the appropriate answer would be at least five glasses of wine per bottle. This is based upon the assumption that you are using a 750 ml standard-size wine bottle with 1.31 pints or 25 ounces. If you consume the standard serving size of 5 ounces, you will have at least five glasses of wine per day. This condition is suitable for standard wine like red wine or other non-alcoholic wines. 

Dessert wine

When you choose alcohol-based wine bottles like the dessert wine, the standard count will be altered based on the bottle’s alcohol concentration level. This technique is followed by most of the sommeliers to reduce the consumption of the clients. For example, when a bottle contains 8 percent of ABV, 5 ounces of consumption is enough. By 5 ounces, we mean one normal glass of wine. So when you choose a normal Pinot noir bottle, then you will get the standard level. But for wines like Shiraz and Port with 20 percent of ABV, the volume served should be lesser. 

So an alcoholic wine bottle will have a size of 375 ml or something less than that. But since the amount poured will be lesser in these bottles, you can enjoy at least eight servings. For example, in a normal non-alcoholic red wine, you can pour 5 ounces of liquid per glass. But here, only one ounce will be poured per serving. 

Wines and calories

While ABV may be an important concept for deciding on the size of the wine bottle, it is also essential for you to understand the number of calories present in most of these wine bottles. Drinking wine might make you feel exotic, but they also contain a few calories that need to be considered. Wines like Chardonnay and cabernet will offer at least 150-200 calories per serving. 

So if you are wondering about how many glasses per bottle of wine will be present, you should know that it might vary sometimes depending upon the bottle you have chosen. But regardless of the types available, wines are exotic, and they provide a unique taste for your palate. If you are trying wine for the first time, start with non-alcoholic wine and slowly move forward to a gradual increase in the ABV value. Select the most appropriate wine and enjoy a good tasting.