American Football: Steelers

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American football sometimes referred to as rugby, is interesting and famous. Many people across the globe are its fans and support their respective teams, and enjoy their matches from stadiums and homes. 

American football is played between two teams, each containing 11 players. American football is played on a rectangular field, and each team has its base. The offence team has to take the ball in hand, keep it safe, and take it to your team’s base without getting caught. 

They can also pass the ball to the other team members in between, and if they come to your base and manage to do a touchdown with the ball, then the offence team steals the point. But if your team catches the offensive team players, and you manage to snatch the ball and do a touchdown in their base, then your team gets the point. 

What Are Pittsburgh Steelers 

The Pittsburgh Steelers is a group of America that is based in Pittsburgh and plays on behalf of America. This is one of the oldest teams in America. 

And also, Pittsburgh Steelers is the oldest team playing in the American football league. This team has been playing since the beginning.

The Pittsburgh Steelers team has black and gold in its Jersey and pants. This team has been using these colours from the beginning. The Pittsburgh Steelers team also have their logo on the side of their helmets, and their helmets are mostly gold in colour. 

Fan Base Of Pittsburgh Steelers 

The Pittsburgh Steelers team gained a huge fan base in no time because they played efficiently and won matches one by one. 

Now, the Pittsburgh Steelers team sells the match tickets in no time. They have been a full house for so many years. Their fans are so into them that they created several unofficial fan clubs to support them. The members of these unofficial fan clubs would always gather in bars or restaurants whenever there is a Pittsburgh Steelers match to cheer and to enjoy the whole match.

Now that you have read this much about Pittsburgh Steelers, you might wonder what time is the Steelers game? Or what is the schedule of the game? So here are your answers. 

Schedule Of The Upcoming Matches Of The Pittsburgh Steelers Team

So, being a big fan of the Pittsburgh Steelers team and also now that you have read so much about American football and about the Pittsburgh Steelers team, you might be wondering what time is the Steelers game? 

Yes, matches are going on, and the Steelers do have matches with different teams. Some of the upcoming matches are mentioned below.

22 of November: Steelers v/s Chargers.

28 of November: Bengals v/s Steelers.

6 of December: Steelers v/s Ravens.

10 of December: Vikings v/s Steelers.

19 of December: Titans v/s Steelers.

27 of December: Steelers v/s Chiefs.

4 of January: Browns v/s Steelers.

9 of January: Ravens v/s Steelers. 

Now, you will not miss any match of the Pittsburgh Steelers team. You can save the dates and watch it from your homes, being at peace.


So, now you will not get worried about what time is the Steelers game. Because now, you can watch Steelers games without any difficulty as now, you have the schedule and the dates of the match. 

For your better understanding, you can watch the below-mentioned video for the schedule.


Question: Can I watch steelers games at home?

Answer: Yes, you can watch the steelers games at home if you know the schedule.