What Does Cortana Means And What Are Its Uses?

Do you want to know what Cortana is? Are you aware of the Cortana abilities? Then, here is everything you can do with the help of Cortana. But, of course, you can also gain knowledge with the help of Cortana.

For the people who do not know what Cortana is, then you are at the right place because here, you will get to know what exactly is Cortana. Cortana is an artificial intelligence that acts as your assistant on your mobile phone. 

Cortana was developed by Microsoft and is present in every Windows product. Cortana is present in the form of an app; you can activate it and use it to your liking whenever you want. 

What Can I Do With Cortana?

If you do not know what Cortana is or have this question in your mind, what can I do with Cortana? Then you are at the right place because this article will help you with everything Cortana can do. These are the things you can do with the help of:

You Can Operate Various Apps

You can send messages with your Cortana app. You just have to activate the app by your voice and then say open the app and send a message, and the message will be sent. This comes in handy when you are driving, cooking or if you are busy.

You can also access maps through Cortana and drive your car. Cortana will activate from your voice, and you can tell it to open maps and navigate through the place. 

You Can Search Things

You can search various things by your voice; as soon as you take the name of the thing you want to search, it will show on your result page, and you can write the thing that is available over there. 

You can search things for your project work, model work etc. It is easy to gather information because Cortana comes up with information from many sources. This way, you will have your work done in no time. You can also check some minute math calculations with the help of Cortana. 

You can also search and gather information about various places with the help of Cortana. For example, suppose if you are going to explore a new place, you can first check the reviews of that place. You can also check the expenses of some vacation places if you are going there. 

You Can Have Fun

Cortana can also help in your boredom. When you are getting bored, you can even ask Cortana to tell a joke or two to have some fun. You can even play games with it to kill time. You can even ask Cortana to tell you interesting facts; this will increase your knowledge and learn some unbelievable facts about the world. 

You Can Do Your Research

You can do everything you want because it can show places and their reviews posted by people online. You can also do study research without even typing, and it is good while studying because you can gather information and write at the same time.

You Can Shop

You can type or say the product that you want to watch, and it will show it on your screen, and if you like it, you can order it online from the website, and it will reach you. 


Question: What can I do with Cortana? 

Answer: You can do many things with the help of Cortana, like search various things, control maps or gather information. 

Question: Does using Cortana take too much time?

Answer: No, searching for something on Cortana does not take much time because it quickly shows the result without any hassle.


All the above-mentioned things can be done with the help of Cortana. Be it for fun or work, everything can be done with Cortana’s help. And the best part is that you can access Cortana anywhere if you have a good network connection.