What Is The Movie Bombshell About?

Do you know what the bombshell movie is about? Did you know about the fox company scandal? Here is why many people love the bombshell movie. Everything about the bombshell movie.

The Bombshell movie is written by Charles Randolph. The bombshell movie came out in 2019. Many known Hollywood actresses played a role in this movie. This movie became a good success when it came out because it was based on a real scandal. The Bombshell movie also has good ratings. 

If you do not know about bombshell movies that much, then you might think that it is just a normal movie like all the others, but no, you are wrong because this movie holds a special value within it, and this is why many people love it. 

So now that you have read so far, you might be thinking about what the movie bombshell is about? So, without further ado, let’s get to know what is special about this movie. 

Bombshell Movie Is Based On A True Story

The most interesting thing about this movie is that this movie is based on a real event. This real event took place in the office of fox news, where women were being sexually harassed by the CEO and the chairman of the fox news company.  

What Actually Happened?

The woman was being harassed by the CEO and the chairman of the fox news company. This woman kept quiet at first but then, when she had enough of this behaviour at her workplace, she filed a lawsuit against Roger Ailes, the CEO and chairman of the fox company. This bravery created a very strong impact on everyone.

After The Incident This Scandal Made Its Way To The Movie

When this case got out in public, it became a very hot topic and eventually was picked up as a movie theme by Jay Roach to spread awareness. 

The other women who were also going through the same joined and filed a lawsuit against the CEO of the fox news company. 

What Happened After The Scandal?

After this scandal, due to much hate received, Roger Ailes resigned from his position as the CEO of the fox company. 


By watching this movie, many women who were being suppressed by their work seniors finally broke their shells and applied a big full stop to the sexual harassment. We also get to learn a lot 

from this movie, we should never settle if someone is doing bad to us because as time goes by, things will get worse and worse.   

So, the main thing is that you should always take a stand for yourself so that no one can even treat you in the wrong way, no matter where you are.

For a detailed discussion and the reviews, you can watch this video below to get an idea of what exactly goes on in the movie.


Question: What is the movie bombshell about?

Answer: Bombshell movie is based on a true story in which women take action against the sexual harassment 

Question: When did the bombshell movie come out?

Answer: Bombshell movie came out in 2019. 

Question: What happened to the real-life CEO of the fox news company?

Answer: After the harassment allegations, the CEO of the fox company resigned from his position.