Difference between normal and xd movie

have you ever been to the cinemas? How many types of theatres do you know? ever heard about XD movies? What is an xd movie?

About xd movies 

With the changing times and revolutionizing technology, there have been many developments in the field of entertainment too. One such development was the introduction of XD movies to the world. The acronym XD stands for extreme digital cinema.

The term XD was introduced in 2009 by Cinemark as a strategic move to prevent viewers from getting prone to IMAX. The first film at XD the theatre was ‘Colombiana’. The objective behind the evolution of XD movies were to provide a more mesmerizing experience for the viewers. 

The change brought XD movies to the world of entertainment where it installed techniques that were more adaptive to 3D technology and luxury sitting. The involvement of 3d technology made XD movies more engaging and it provided a more lively experience to the viewers.

Features of xd movies 

  •  The Xd movies are projected on a bigger screen than natural and are equipped with better sound quality. 
  • XD movies can also be viewed from park located theatres, which end up giving the audience a more seamless, and tentative experience and be more engaging and stimulating.
  •  The price of the ticket for XD movies vary for various age groups and are the highest for extreme screen movies (matinee).

 The XD movie theatres have become very prominent across the world and have also received a lot of support from the Indian population. These theatres in India are in various metropolitan cities such as Chennai, Lucknow, Mumbai, etc.

What is the difference between a natural movie and an XD movie?

The XD movies correspond to an environment that consists of wall to wall, ceiling floor screens, luxury plush seating, high-tech audio systems which account for crisp, clear digital sound, and also consists of the delivery of the brightest digital pictures that are delivered by highly efficient digital projectors. 

The natural movies lack the above features and, therefore in the era of the best quality, the viewers have adopted XD movies with both hands and eyes open.

Which is better – XD movies or IMAX?

Both XD movies and IMAX digitals provide for better quality control over the sound and image than other available movie platforms and the availability of crisp, clear, and brighter pictures with deeper blacks as it looks good in the XD movies which are unlike in other movies. The Cinemark XD and IMAX are both digital rip-offs.

Even though both of them offer a lot of similar features still XD movies are the cheapest option to go for than other digital tickets and a couple of quarters more expensive than a regular 3D ticket.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

  1. What is xd stands for?
  • It stands for extreme digital cinema.
  1. What are the prices?
  • The price of tickets varies according to different age groups and the size of the screen.


Xd movies are so  muc popular now. With all the better experiences and great technology used , xd movie has its own place in the world of theatres.