Get to see inside AMAZON PRIME- Why become a PRIME MEMBER.

Are you still guessing how that becoming a prime member will benefit you?? Prime has just everything you need, from shopping to watching to eating. Be a member today.

Hitting the forward button for an hour?? Still, nothing caught your interest? Want to pass this time but not sitting alone but watching something and looking for something original and something that’ll make your adrenaline go out of control and won’t let you sleep. 

Want to watch something, but there’s nothing to watch. Then prime is made and just made for you. From anime to documentaries to the latest movies to series. EVERYTHING AT ONCE.

Amazon Prime is a paid subscription run by Amazon, including new and fresh content that is not available to subsequent users. This program is available to many countries and is a WORLDWIDE program. Not just this, they also have a wide range of other facilities for their premium members: streaming music, gaming, e-books, shopping, and much more. 

Amazon Prime membership is taken by just filling up your bank details. This includes your card no. And then you’re done.

What comes with AMAZON PRIME?

  • The cost paid for the subscription is $119 annually. Although they let you try a 30-day free trial pack, it is just so overwhelming.
  • If you place an order of above $25, then you’ll have free shipping. And let’s say you ordered eleven orders below $25 then, the membership pays on itself.
  • The new, fresh digital content that prime serves is gold plating.
  • Instead of updating your iCloud or drive every month, just have fun with prime providing unlimited photo storage.
  • The subscription is not limited to only you, but you can share it with other family members without having to pay extra.
  • The best feature of prime that’s just fruitful is that you get to try clothes at home before actually buying them. This will save the tense that you have because of the fit. If it doesn’t fit, change it for FREE. Choose any three outfits you want to try on; then, you’ll have seven days to either buy or return them.
  • E-books also come with it; if you have kids, it also has comics, magazines, and more. You get a free e-book once a month.
  • Parents can personalise their kids’ accounts and have a regular check of what they are watching and reading. This is another plus point.
  • Free, ad-free music streaming with more than 2million songs of every genre.
  • You save money by opting for membership because you get to pay only for the channels you want to watch.
  • For the deals that last for a few hours, Prime members get an extra 30 minutes to shop; that’s just a cherry on top of the benefits.
  • You’ll win gifts or discounts on no rush delivery.
  • The biggest flex of being a prime member is that they save time. Delivery on the same day. This is such a handy thing. Days are long gone when you once had to compromise just because you wanted that particular item that same day, but that was impossible because it is NOW POSSIBLE with prime.
  • There’s also an option of receiving the delivery items that you brought all along the week, all on a particular day.
  • Get fast and fresh delivery of the grocery items, either within an hour or two hours. There are options available.
  • You get to see sales, campaigns, and deals ahead of any other user.
  • Get a cashback of up to 5 percent on paying with Amazon pay.


What exactly do you get with Amazon Prime?

Prime Video offers unlimited streaming of movies and TV episodes for paid or free trial. You don’t need a cable or additional apps, and you can cancel anytime.

Is Netflix free with AMAZON PRIME?

The only thing that’s free with Prime is Pluto Tv, stuff like that. Any pay per apps like Netflix, Hulu, HBO, etc., are not available. So IT IS NOT FREE WITH PRIME!

How much does an Amazon Prime subscription cost?

Amazon Prime costs $119/year if you opt for an annual subscription and $12.99/month if you opt for a monthly subscription.


Prime is not just used for watching free movies or videos, but it is also varied to many other activities hosted by Amazon. From grocery shopping to gaming to streaming music and reading an ebook. This is your sign of becoming a MEMBER.