Top 10 Cheap Romantic Getaways In California

If you cannot decide where to go for a heartwarming experience, don’t fluster! Because the list mentioned below will help you a lot to find your dream destination as no other place can be better than Los Angeles if you are looking out for cheap romantic getaways. 

The climate of Los Angeles will make you feel welcomed, and you know what’s better than visiting affordable getaways with your loved one because living might be expensive, but traveling does not. So, be ready for an exciting adventure with things to do in Malibu for your honeymoon. 

This write-up can be helpful for you to have a clear picture of romantic things to do in Los Angeles. 


Ojai is one of the best places for weekend getaways from Los Angeles for families as the south location of the Los Padres National Forest provides you with excellent outdoor adventures. So, do you want to know what Ojai means? Ojai refers to the moon in the Chumash Indian language, and that’s why sky gazing from Ojai is just breathtaking. 

Interesting things about Ojai 

  • The smallest city consists of a population of fewer than ten thousand people.
  • It’s one of the best places to visit if you want to escape the ordinary. 
  • It has a rugged nine-mile path for biking and walking. 

Nearby places to visit

  • The Ojai Vineyard tasting room 
  • Ojai valley museum 
  • Libbey park 

Address of Ojai 

  • It is a ninety-minute way towards the northwest of Los Angeles. 

Things to do

  • Hiking in the Rose Valley Falls Trails 
  • Gazing at the galleries filled with modern and folk art. 

Keep an eye for

  • Keep an eye for the local and international treasures sold in Ojai. Then it is pottery, plants, soaps, or home decors.
  • The Ojai valley museum of history and art is worth looking out for. 

San Diego 

San Diego is a perfect weekend getaway in southern California for couples; if you want to sunbathe with your favorite one in the sunniest city, it is one of the best cheap romantic getaways with endless free activities. So, if your girl loves the frolicking seals and sea lions kind of creatures, then you must visit here. 

Interesting things about San Diego 

  • The Spanish-style architecture of downtown LA Jolla is worth looking at.   
  • It is a perfect surf zone as it’s the average temperature around the year is 70 degrees.   
  • The country’s largest structure, The Hotel Del, is 128 years old.   

Nearby places to visit

  • The San Diego Zoo   
  • The SeaWorld San Diego   
  • Hotel del Coronado, Curio Collection by Hilton   

Address of San Diego 

  • It is located towards the southeast of Los Angeles, just about a one and half hour route. 

Things to do

  • Watch art galleries, theatres, trendy restaurants at the Victorian-style buildings.   
  • Watch amazingly 3,500 rare animals in the San Diego zoo.     

Keep an eye for

  • Keep an eye out for the afternoon ships in Seaport village while sipping a cup of coffee with your love.
  • Keep an eye out for the whales in the oceans and other creatures. 

Joshua tree National Park 

For an inexpensive weekend getaway in southern California, the Joshua tree might be the visit of your dreams. The place will stun you with its blooming beauty of wildflowers, and the wild coyotes will leave no page unturned to make your trip a genuine and adventurous one. The affordable place in Greater Los Angeles is just worth visiting. 

Interesting things about Joshua tree 

  • The public art installments will shower you with cultural vibes.   
  • No one can tell the age of a Joshua tree as the tree doesn’t grow rings.   
  • The night skies from Joshua tree park are incredibly clear and starry.    

Nearby places to visit

  • The skull rock  
  • Cholla Cactus Garden 
  • The Hidden valley nature trail 

Address of Joshua Tree

  • The Joshua Tree National Park is towards Southeast California.

Things to do

  • Camping and pricing in the hidden valley picnic area. 
  • Drive up the Keys View and have an outstanding lookout point from above 5000 ft.     

Keep an eye for

  • Keep an eye out for the bizarre rock formations in your camping trip.
  • Keep an eye out for the fascinating animals, vast deserts, and plants. 

Paso robles 

For the most romantic and relaxing places near Los Angeles, Paso Robles is the perfect getaway. The wineries, the almond orchards, and the oil tastings just make this destination a bit more extra and outstanding than the others. This affordable trip is a must to add to your list of Los Angeles adventures. 

Interesting things about Paso Robles 

  • It is known to be a world-class wine region because of the unique taste it provides. 
  • It has more than 200 tasting rooms and produces more than 40 winegrape varieties. 
  • The distinct area is just the perfect getaway for the foodies. 

Nearby places to visit

  • Sculpterra winery
  • Broken earth winery
  • The Vina robles Vineyard and Winery 

Address of Paso Robles 

  • Paso Robles is located in San Luis Obispo County, California, USA.  

Things to do

  • Exploring the distillery trails is a thing to do for couples in Los Angeles. 
  • Learning about the history of California is the other. 

Keep an eye for

  • Keep an eye out for the cider tasting, liquor, and craft beer.
  • Don’t miss out on the hot springs at River Oaks because it’s super private and provides amazing views. 

Santa Barbara 

Santa Barbara is another perfect mountain getaway near Los Angeles and with extremely low prices. Not only it provides the visitors with extremely dazzling viewpoints, but it also offers spectacular deals, including the stays per night for less than $88. Isn’t it interesting to just fulfill your dreams within the budget? 

Interesting things about Santa Barbara 

  • Santa Barbara is one of the hot filming spots for shoots of movies and shows. 
  • If you are a classical music admirer,. You then this place might be the one for you. 
  • The city is least stressed in comparison to the others, so just paradise. 

Nearby places to visit

  • Santa Barbara zoo
  • Santa Barbara Museum of Art
  • Stearns Wharf 

Address of the

  • Santa Barbara is situated towards the North-west of Los Angeles, along the Pacific coast.

Things to do 

  • Relax at the amazing pools of Santa Barbara and drift away from the stress.
  • Have fun eating the spiced up fresh crops in the new restaurants while watching the culinary landscape 

Keep an eye for

  • A romantic thing to do for your honeymoon in Los Angeles is to just stare at the lush green gardens, visit the unique inns and the Spanish-style architecture.
  • The food and drinks, the wines, the stay, and the play are all just as amazing as you. So, do not miss out on that too. 

Morro Bay 

For your perfect and memorable Los Angeles honeymoon, Morro Bay is just heaven. The natural environment is a perfect place to enjoy the wildlife and the natural habitats in the place. And of course, the consistent weather of Morro Bay is just as ready as you to make your trip a memorable one. Don’t you think that the things to do in San Francisco might be wonderful? 

Interesting things about Morro Bay 

  • It is perfect for people who like to enjoy the outdoors. The. The. The natural setting is worth visiting.
  • The Morro Bay provides support to more than double-dozen endangered species.
  • The 576 ft high Morro Rock is the most photographed among the nine sisters. 

Nearby places to visit

  • Morro bay state park
  • Morro bay national estuary program
  • Morro bay golf course

Address of Morro Bay

  • Morro Bay is located midway between Los Angeles and San Francisco along the coast of California. 

Things to do

  • The seaside fishing is perfect for you to do in the gorgeous natural setting. 
  • Hiking, kite flying, shopping, and unspoiled beaches are other things to do in Los Angeles at night. 

Keep an eye for

  • Keep an eye out for the most amazing museum like no other, the Hearst Castle.
  • Explore the walkable downtown and look out for the boutiques, artisan gallery, and dining. 

Big bear 

Visiting Big Bear is another breathtaking, yet cheap romantic getaway. It’s your choice to go cozy in the mountainside and watch sunsets or just go fishing in the morning. It is well known for its Mountain ski resort. So, be ready for an affordable site visit to the speedway, ropes course, and the big bear lake. 

Interesting things about the

  • The big bear lake is a Man-made lake which is a good reason for you to visit. 
  • The place completely relies on tourists and visitors for income. 
  • It provides you with the best weather when compared to other places. 

Nearby places to visit

  • Big Bear Alpine Zoo
  • Big Bear Mountain Resort 
  • Big Bear lake 

Address of the Big Bear 

  • Big Bear is located in the heart of Southern California and close to las vegas. 

Things to do

  • Staying in the cool cabins after the hiking day or horseback riding might be the things to do in Los Angeles with family. 
  • Gaze at all fall colors, go skiing, and snowboard. 

Keep an eye for

  • Keep an eye out for the magic mountain’s slides and rides, as it can be a fun adventure.
  • The mountains are calling you, so do not miss out on the hiking. 


The city is a perfect and best romantic getaway on a budget near Los Angeles. The destination is worth visiting and it is best known for the championship golf courses, the cheap romantic getaways will bring you adventure, a wonderful environment, and of trouble vacation with your lover. 

Interesting things about 

  • It is a place for wine lovers, numerous vineyards, wineries, the spas are all just worth spending your time on. 
  • The weather of Temecula will always bring joy and make your stay.
  • There are plenty of horsing around Temecula, so just brush up the game. 

Nearby places to visit

  • Pechanga Resort Casino
  • Wilson creek winery
  • Miramonte winery 

Address of Temecula

  • Temecula is situated towards the southeast of downtown Los Angeles and the north of San Diego. 

Things to do

  • Try your luck in the outstanding casinos that can be romantic activities, without paying high prices and without the crowd.
  • Visiting the winery tours in a carriage with your beloved is yet another romantic idea.

Keep an eye for

  • Keep an eye out for the symphony valley for some good music and a perfect weekend getaway in and around LA. 
  • Keep an eye out for the wonderful spas offered by hotels. The relaxation activity will make your day.

Catalina Island 

It’s not only you that’s choosing Catalina Island as one of the romantic places to visit in Los Angeles because of the scenic beauty, adventures, and fun. Rest and Catalina has it all in one box for you. Its versatility and amenities make people want to visit more. So, be ready to discover paradise on your getaway to the Island. 

Interesting things about Catalina Island 

  • The casinos in Catalina don’t always require gambling, you can just play for fun.
  • The Island wasn’t open to the public previously, but now it is, and even the beaches. 
  • The diverse animal species can only be found on Catalina Island. 

Nearby places to visit 

  • Trans Catalina trail
  • Zipline eco-tour
  • Wrigley Memorial and botanic garden 

Address of the Catalina Island

  • The Island is situated towards the southwest of Los Angeles and is about twenty-two miles away. 

Things to do

  • Boat tours can be romantic ideas for couples visiting Catalina. 
  • You can check out the most beautiful botanical gardens. 

Keep an eye for

  • Do not miss checking out the memorial of William Wrigly Jr. 
  • The conservancy is truly breathtaking and worth taking a stroll of 1.5 miles inland. 


Ventura is a perfect cheap romantic getaway just towards the north of Los Angeles. The place takes you away from the town’s hustle-bustle. And yes, it provides the visitors with endless free activities worth spending your time on, whether the beauty or accommodations. The delightful gardens and pier are breathtaking. 

Interesting things about Ventura 

  • The Ventura botanical garden is free of cost to visit, it’s a win-win for all.
  • It is one of the most desirable places because of its beautiful beaches and mountains.
  • The tacos and ocean view restaurants in the Ventura pier are just wonderful. 

Nearby places to visit

  • Mission Basilica San Buenaventura
  • Emma wood state beach
  • Museum of Ventura County

Address of Ventura 

  • The classic Ventura town is towards the northwest of Los Angeles. 
  • Things to do
  • Enjoy the theatres and museums. 
  • Hiking through the Ventura Botanical Grant Park can be the thing for couples to do. 

Keep an eye for

  • Trying the famous beers in the surf brewery is another romantic thing to do.
  • Indulge in the pursuits such as swimming and surfing.

Final words 

These ten places are one of the best cheap romantic getaways you can have with your loved one. These provide you with endless possibilities of having adventures and romantic couple activities at the

So, pick one of the best cheap romantic getaways that suit you, pack your bags, and enjoy the breeze, warm sand, and the mountains near San Francisco.