Get a vcashcard and never cancel a road trip

Ever forgot to pay for ERP and later had to give a fine for the same? Well here is the solution to your problem, a vcashcard. Wondering what it is vcashcard?  Read the blog below to get your answer.

Let’s see what is vcashcard and how it can solve your problem. Vcashcard is like any other form of online wallet linked with your debit or credit card. Having access to a vcashcard can be used in stores, pay bills, pay taxes, and even at gateway services. It is a hassle-free process and is very user-friendly. Now have a look at the rest of the article for further assistance.

Use of a vcashcard

You can use a Vcashcard or virtual cash card to pay bills and work like any other online wallet. What sets you apart is that you no longer have to deal with ERP. Drivers don’t need to worry if a physical card is not present with them to cross any ERP gantry. Having an online cash card will be easier for them to pass the gantry.

Guide for using vcashcard

  • Register with the NETS website online and fill the application form with your new vehicle details and bank details. It can be linked with any locally issued card.
  • There is a minimum top-up fee to cover bank expenses; be sure not to pay more.
  • Registration of up to three vehicles can be done per account tied to the same vcashcard.
  • Automatic ERP charges will be deducted while passing through a gantry. In case there is insufficient money exact amount can be removed from the registered vcashcard.
  • There might be a sound while passing through any ERP gantry, and this says that money is deducted, and you will be able to check the status on the website.
  • Vcashcards are applicable at some parking lots for car parking charges; check before visiting any place.
  • If any change with the registered vehicle, you will be requested to edit the details on the website.
  • Vcashcard does not require a subscription fee but requires to pay top-up.
  • The service is free and requires no registration fee, avoiding involvement in any offline mode.

Now we know what is a vcashcard and its needs on the road. In this growing digital world, it is somewhat apparent to forget a physical card. We hope that this blog has made your queries answered, and you can now go on a long drive hassle-free.