What Years Is Millennial Generation and Their Specialty?

In this post, you will know what years is the millennial generation and their birth years. Millennials are the people who were born in the last 20 years. Millennials are also knowns as Gen Y. The previous generation was X.

It’s known that the millennial people are sharper and easily accept the change who are born between 1981 to 1995. They were in between huge worldwide changes in the economy and technology, so they knew more about how to live life without technology.

When Did Millennials Come into Existence?

Everywhere from 1977 to 1981 is the first year of the millennial people. Scholars, on the other hand, appear to be more in agreement regarding the ending year, which is nearly usually recognized as 1995 or 1996. To be on the safe side, consider everyone born between 1980 and 1995 to be a millennial.

The birth range differs from country to country like China, European countries, Africa, and the Americas.

What Characteristics Are Millennials Known For?

As the name implies, millennials were born around the conclusion of the previous millennium. Technological developments altered the society we live in throughout the millennials’ youth and adolescence.

Consider how many parts of life are impacted or even controlled by the internet—millennials were born at the same time that all of these developments were taking place. So now you know what years is the millennial generation.

Characteristics of Millennials

It’s difficult to single out a feature shared by millions of persons born between 1980 and 1995. Nonetheless, researchers and sociologists have a good time attempting. Here are some of the traits and oddities they’ve noticed:

  • Millennials accept the change easily: We all know that they have faced huge technological change, economic change throughout their life, so they learned everything.
  • Curiosity is at the top level in millennials: Millennials want to know whether there is a faster, better way to accomplish things. Therefore, they will use the tools at their disposal to be more effective. According to the researchers, this trait makes them valuable employees.
  • Teamwork is blessed in Millennials: That generation loves to work in a team. They love to know alternative ways from others, so they love to work in a group.
  • Millennials love feedback: Millennials are sensitive to their work. They always want feedback on their work. They want to know how the work can be done better.
  • Millennials love to read books from public libraries: Yes, it’s true. They love to go reading books in public. The main reason is not found yet.

Millennial statistics

  •         More than 50 percent of millennials don’t like politics
  •         Millennials post more selfies than the previous generation
  •         30 percent of millennials are not in religious activities
  •         Millennials have more Facebook friends than previous generation X
  •         Millennials love to share and get feedback
  •         Millennials tend to use fewer mobile phones but more than the X generation
  •         Almost all millennial loves to work in a team

·         All millennials can accept the change than Gen X