When Do The Olympics Start


Olympics is one of the biggest sporting events in the world that keeps you engaged always.

There are two types of Olympic Games. They are the winter and summer Olympics. It is imperative to note that both the summer and winter Olympic Games take place every four years. The Summer Olympic Games take place during the summer season. The Winter Olympic Games take place during snowy seasons. 

The International Olympic Committee (OIC) actively monitors and supervises Olympic activities. The OIC conducts a secret ballot and selects the host country based on the number of votes. There are 102 members in the OIC that take part in the election. 

The Olympics is a multi-sport event conducted every four years. Sporting events will take place in the country that hosts Olympic events. More than 200 countries participate in this event. They will take part with an objective to win a maximum number of gold medals.

Which country will host the Winter Olympics in 2022?

Sports enthusiasts ask a question – when does the Olympics starts? The winter Olympiad will be held in Beijing, China. It is worth noting that online booking has begun, and you can book your ticket well-in-advance. 

The summer Olympics took place in Tokyo in 2020, and a maximum number of gold medals were won by the USA, followed by the People’s Republic of China and Japan. The total number of medallions won by the USA was 113, followed by China 88, and the hosting country that is none other than Japan won 58 medals. 

No one was allowed inside the stadiums during the event. Still, the event was a huge success. The entire event was broadcasted live on TV throughout the world. 

You will get surprising answers when you type questions like when does the Olympics starts on the Google search engine. Unlike the summer Olympiad, the winter Olympics are different. The sporting events will take place in 26 venues in the city of Beijing. Watching the events live on television or inside the stadium will be a fiesta for the eyes.

The sources confirm that only the citizens of the PRC will be allowed inside the venue, and people from other countries will not be allowed.

How many countries are participating in the Beijing Winter Olympics 2022?

The number of countries participating in the upcoming winter Olympics 2022 event scheduled to take place in Beijing is 80. The number of sporting events is 109. Some of the sporting events scheduled to take place in Beijing are listed below.

– Curling

– Ice Hockey

– Skiing

– Luge

– Skating

– Bobsledding

– Biathlon


When will the Beijing Olympics start and culminate?

The Beijing Winter Olympic 2022 will take place in February, and it commences on 4th February and culminates on 20th February 2022. You can watch it live on TV channels and enjoy the sporting events thoroughly. 

The National Speed Skating Oval is ready, and for the first time, the carbon dioxide trans-critical direct cooling ice-making technology is installed for cooling. It is the largest ice surface venue, and the total area is 12,000 sqm.

Where is the venue in Beijing?

The Beijing Olympics 2022 will be conducted in 26 different venues. The list is exhaustive, and some of the venues are.

– Beijing National Indoor Stadium

– Beijing National Stadium

– National Speed Skating Oval

– Beijing National Aquatics

There are three types of entrance tickets. They are tickets for the opening ceremony, tickets for events, and tickets for the closing ceremony. The price ranges from US$112 to US$787. Students studying in China can get concessions and discounts on ticket prices. So get ready and keep your finger crossed since none can predict the winners. There are more to come.