Wanna Know Which Are The Most Liked Video On TikTok

Do you want to know what is the most liked video on TikTok? There are few uploaders who have ranked as the top video, like Bella Poarch, Franek Bielak, and more. The most liked video of which is secured by Bella Poarch. Let’s get into the details of what is the most liked video on TikTok.

About the most liked video on TikTok

Tiktok works differently for everyone and every place. However, the balance, like what is the most liked video on TikTok or the most engaging content on TikTok, does not remain the same. 

In recent times there are few types of videos that top the tok tok video listing: that is more content of entertainment, lipsync, jobs, etc. there are few content creators whose videos seem to top the list always, such as

  • Bella poarch
  • Franek Bielak
  • toTouchAnemu
  • NickLuciano


Talking of which, the most liked video in TikTok is owned and secured by Bella poarch. Her lipsync video to the song soph Caspian sang by British rapper millie B. was created on 17 August 2021. To date, it has succeeded in remaining at the top of the list with maximum likes in TikTok.

Bella poarch with her I’d (@bellapoarch) made a simple lip sync video with her head bobbing dance as the content. This site got the eyes of many users, and within a very short time, it managed to be the top liked video with 50.2 million likes in that video. 

Bella poarch is a talented singer, but is video is not famous for her singing skills but just for her lipsync to a song which managed to cross 5.7 billion likes and has set a world record as the most liked video that has been ever recorded in tiktok.

The secret to getting more like and views on TikTok video

Tiktok has become a significant web-based media that does not feel the entertainment but has become the most downloaded app throughout the world due to its popularity. The way TikTok functions is unique and replicated by other media such as Instagram materials for Facebook short videos.

Working on TikTok can be at times difficult as the algorithm of every social media is unique

  • It is not always about dance and lipsync
  • Keep up with the trend and accordingly make videos
  • Use proper hashtags and make the title catchy
  • Use good lighting if it’s a real-life video
  • You have less time so stick to key points
  • Work with other creators to increase audience reach,
  • Have fun while shooting as it is an entertainment medium.

Here are some frequently asked questions

What is the second most liked video in TikTok?

The second most liked video till date is by tik tomer Franek Bielak ( @fredziownik_art). The video was uploaded on 28 December 2020 and was a constant of their drawings.

What kind of videos are most liked in TikTok?

Videos that are entertainment-based and mostly have danced all its into it tends to attract the young crowd.

Now we know what is the most liked video on TikTokthe most liked video on TikTok, and the types of videos that people love to watch in TikTok is and the types of videos that people love to watch in TikTok. So as we know the most liked video now, let’s try to top the charts now. We hope that the blog helped you get the answer you came to look for.