More About The Term “Impeach”

Are you curious about the word impeached? Having a hard time finding the meaning of impeaching? This is the best-handpicked article for you. All about impeachment is mentioned here.

In simple words, the meaning of impeaching can be referred to as “confronting someone who committed a misconduct.” If a person has done any crime or been a part of it then when that person is taken into custody, it is said that” this person is impeached,” The most common example that is made up using this word is” the president is impeached.” 

Now, you might be thinking what does it mean when a president is impeached? What happens after a certain person is impeached? Where has impeachment happened before? What are the results of impeachment? Do not worry because this article will answer all your doubts in regards to this topic. 

The president is the head of a country, and the president has more power than any other politician. The president manages the country affairs and performs his duty in a way that comes in favour of the people of the country. The president visits the programs held by the people and creates various speeches to spread awareness. 

These are the things which should be performed by the president but it is not the same sometimes. The president sometimes thinks that because he/she has power, he/she can do anything wrong. Impeachment has happened in the United States before. Sometimes the president comes under the influence of some bad things which leads to impeachment. These bad things are as follows:


Treason is one of the causes for impeachment, treason is betraying someone. Many times the president makes promises to the neighbouring countries. These promises should be kept in order to maintain the peaceful flow of the country. But when the president breaks this promise so that he won’t have to do anything, then the president may be impeached.


When the president gives money to some people, for making his/her work done fast or to hide his/her wrongdoings, then it will be understood as a big crime. This is also called bribing. 

New Way Of Earning

The president should not be involved in any other way of earning except the presidency, if he/she is then impeachment might take place.

Unsatisfactory Performance

If the president is not able to make his/her people happy or is proposing strict and unnecessary rules or laws then impeachment will be taken into account.


If the president is into too much corruption then he/she will be surely impeached. These corruptions include many things like drug-dealing, human trafficking etc. 

What Is Done After The President Is Impeached

When the president is impeached, he/she is taken into custody. After that, there are many hearings in which both the lawyers present their evidence respectfully. If the evidence is not in the favour of the president then the president is punished by the law. And if the allegations on the presidents happen to be wrong then the president is released. But mostly impeachment happens when there is solid evidence for the wrong-doings.

In the punishment, the president will be removed from his/her presidency and then after that, the new president will be elected by the people. Elections are held so that the country can have its new president as soon as possible.

Above was all the content regarding the impeachment, all the things that can happen when the president is impeached and what is the punishment. So now, there will be no problem for you because you can easily understand everything reading this article. You can read this article if you want to gain some information about the impeachment. 

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