Tofu: The Bean Curd

Did you know what is tofu made out of? You do not know how to make tofu? Here is all about making tofu. Benefits of tofu. Tofu can be used in many dishes.

As it is clear from the title, tofu is a bean. So first let us know about beans. The full name of beans are soybeans or soya beans. Soya bean comes from a plant, soya bean is a native legume of East Asia. Plants are obtained after seeding that gives small brown-coloured edible parts which are known as soya beans. This plant is grown especially for soya beans because they come in a daily diet and have many benefits.

Soybeans are first soaked in water and then cooked because normally soya beans are hard. Like they are stone-hard so they can not be cooked straight away that is why they are soaked to make them soft and then cooked. When these soybeans are soaking in the water you can see a white milky liquid mixed with water. This white milky substance is called soy milk. When people are going to cook the beans, they simply take them out of the water and cook them. 

But when people want to take the milk of soybean then you need to squeeze the soybeans. Take a handful of soybeans and squeeze them really hard, all the milk inside will come out when you squeeze them. You can squeeze the milk in a different container and use it. 

This soy milk is coagulated. Coagulation is a process in which liquid is converted into solid. After the milk is coagulated, it transforms into a big block which is then cut down into small pieces. These small pieces are known as tofu. If you had a question, what is tofu made out of? now, it must be cleared. 

How Tofu Is Eaten

The most common way of eating tofu is to eat it raw. It has a milk flavour that is why it will not taste bland. But if you do not want to eat it that way then you can add some spices and lemon to it and enjoy it that way. Otherwise, you can stir-fry the tofu and then eat it. 

Sometimes tofu is also used in smoothies, purees and ice creams. You can steam your tofu and then eat it. 

But still the most healthy way to eat tofu is to eat it raw so that its nutritions remain in it.

Benefits Of Tofu

  1. Tofu is a very good source of protein.
  2. Tofu helps in decreasing the bad cholesterol, which means you remain healthy and your veins are arteries will maintain the flow of blood without getting clots. So you can say that by eating tofu, you will be away from cardiac diseases.
  3. Tofu can prevent liver damage that is caused by free radicals.
  4. Tofu is a great help to breast cancer patients.
  5. As in many diseases people need to include protein in their diet to remain healthy, they can include tofu in their diet.
  6. Even if you do not have any disease, you can still eat tofu in your daily life once in a while so that your protein needs get fulfilled. 


So the above content is all in regards to tofu and its benefits. If you do not like tofu, still you should try eating it once in a while so that you remain healthy. The saying  “Beauty is Pain” can be applied here, where beauty is health and pain is tofu. 

You should give it a try because it is not that bad and most people eat it. Now all of your confusions may have ended as this article covers up almost everything that you need to know about tofu. I hope it was helpful for you and will come to your use in future.