Burn More Than 1000 Calories On A Daily Basis In The Most Authentic Way!

How can I burn 1000 calories a day? It is absolutely possible to burn over 1000 calories a day but for that you need to follow a strict diet and exercise effectively. There are many ways in which you can burn more than 1000 calories on a daily basis. Did you know that even if you do not exercise or maintain a proper diet, you still lose a certain amount of calories every hour of the day? Well, it is true! 

If you have a strong urge to cut off the extra fat sitting around over your muscles, then this article will help you get on your feet and work on yourself so that you lose a minimum of 1000 calories everyday. By the end of this article, you can yourself conceptualise the answer to your question “how can I burn 1000 calories a day?”. Keep on reading the article till the end! 

Before you start any kind of workout routine and kinds of diet, you need to understand the process of calorie burn. Once you have a clear understanding, you can create your own regime and start working on it and burn calories faster than ever! 

What Happens In Your Body When Calories Burn?

When you say “I have burnt a lot of calories”, it actually means the macronutrients inside your body get converted into energy which in turn gives you power to go about the day. Your body will burn calories using your metabolism, while you exercise and thermogenesis (when your body produces heat).

You can increase the metabolism of your body by working out. If you include cardio, yoga and pilates in your workout routine, the body strength will increase and eventually your metabolism will boost up! 

Also, when you workout, your body produces natural heat and the process is known as thermogenesis. Thus in conclusion, if you exercise daily, the other two factors will also contribute to your calorie burn. 

Is It Healthy To Burn 1000 Calories Per Day?

While it is possible to burn 1000 calories a day, it is still debatable if it is very healthy for a person who has never worked out before to burn so many calories in a day. If a person is accustomed to working out a lot and knows how to control both body and mind, it will be a piece of cake for that person. 

But if a regular person suddenly starts to workout so much, then it may lead to several physical complications which you should definitely avoid. You should start slowly and rise up to that level gradually. The HIIT exercises for beginners are perfect for anyone who wants to burn 1000 calories a day! 

Workouts That Helps To Burn 1000 Calories:

  1. Cardio:

Cardio can be of any form: you can run for 30 minutes, walk for an hour or do interval walking for about an hour. You can also look up simple cardio exercises here:

  1. Strength training:

If you think that lifting weights will only bulk up your muscles and not give you a lean body, then it is your huge misconception. Strength training is a very significant part of you losing weight. Do strength training for 4-5 days a week and you will be amazed with the result yourself.

  1. Skipping:

Skipping is one of the best whole body exercises out there. It targets different portions of your body. Skipping every day for an hour or counting the number will help you shed down 1000 calories per day easily. 

Other Techniques Of Calorie Burn:

Other techniques include:

  1. Walk at least 10,000 steps per day.
  2. Remain active throughout the day.
  3. Cut off sugar and oily foods from your diet.
  4. Drink green tea and lemon water every day.