The Ultimate Debate If Hydrocortisone Is Good On Skin:

Can I use hydrocortisone on my face? It is advisable not to use hydrocortisone directly on the skin of your face before consulting a renowned dermatologist. If you use it in the incorrect way without knowing your skin type, it may have adverse effects on your skin and the treatment can be beyond control and very expensive. 

This article will take you on a tour of the world of hydrocortisone – what is hydrocortisone? You will also find the answer to your question “can I use hydrocortisone on my face” in this article. So stay tuned and make sure to read till the end. 

Before delving into the factual knowledge of whether hydrocortisone is good for your skin, you should first be clear what hydrocortisone is. 

What Is Hydrocortisone?

Hydrocortisone is actually a steroid medication which is usually prescribed when a patient is suffering from bad skin conditions, allergic reactions, and many other diseases namely ulcerative colitis and even lung disorders and arthritis. 

Doctors prescribe hydrocortisone to patients whose adrenal glands are unable to produce the natural steroids in the body. The steroid has a direct effect on the immune system of the body so it can cure blood cell disorders like anemia and even certain kinds of cancer like leukemia. 

Who Can Use Hydrocortisone?

Children whose age is above 10 years and adults can use hydrocortisone for various treatments of their face. The people who are under 10 years of age should never use it unless the doctor recommends it. It is still advisable to use a very mild hydrocortisone cream on the skin of the children as their skin is really sensitive at that age.

You should be aware if you are allergic towards hydrocortisone. Consult a dermatologist and check if you are allergic towards hydrocortisone and then visit your pharmacist. You might even have eye irritation after you apply the cream. If you fall under such a scenario, immediately stop using hydrocortisone and consult your doctor. 

You should also never use hydrocortisone if you are pregnant or you are trying to get pregnant and also if you are breastfeeding and are in your postpartum period. 

Side Effects Of Using Hydrocortisone On The Face:

In the worst case scenarios, you might be a victim to the ill effects of using hydrocortisone on the face. If you use the mild versions of hydrocortisone and apply it by following the instructions given by your doctor, then you might be on the safer side. Still, most of the people have reported feeling a burning sensation on their face as well as their eyes. 

You should refrain from using hydrocortisone if:

  • Your skin turns red and becomes swollen. It is a sign of mild infection.
  • You experience adrenal gland problems which may be feeling dizzy, nauseatic, weight loss and losing appetite very soon.
  • Start having symptoms of diabetes.
  • Start to feel depressed and anxious all of a sudden.
  • Potassium level of the body drops.
  • Continuous vomiting and stomach issues.

Frequently asked questions on hydrocortisone:

  1. Can hydrocortisone be applied on the face?

Yes, you can apply hydrocortisone on the face in the form of a cream. 

  1. When to stop using hydrocortisone?

You should stop using hydrocortisone when there are severe side effects on your skin.

  1. Can hydrocortisone be applied on acne?

You should consult your dermatologist before applying it directly on your acne. 


You should first visit a doctor. Do not do self treatment as you may make a wrong diagnosis on yourself.