Does Expiration Date On Eggs Matter?

Are you Confused about whether to eat eggs after the expiration date or not? Then, here is the much-needed answer. Do you know how to check whether the eggs are good or rotten?

Eggs are eaten every day in a large quantity by almost every house in the world. Eggs can be devoured in any meal, be it breakfast, lunch or dinner. Eggs can also be eaten as a side dish with the main course. 

You can modify your eggs as you like. There are many ways to cook an egg. You can cook it the way you like and devour it. Mostly, eggs come in our houses in the pack of 30 or in the pack of 12 etc. In some countries like the United States and in middle east countries, there are expiry dates printed on the eggs. 

But in countries like India, China etc., the expiry date on the eggs are not printed. So many people do not know when the egg is getting expired or if it has already expired. When this is the situation, one question that comes to mind is can I eat eggs after expiration date? Or does the expiration date on eggs really matter? Do not worry because here are all your answers.

Can I Eat Eggs After Expiration Date?

Yes, You Can Eat Eggs After The Expiration Date.

If you just had an egg and then the expiration date caught your eye, and it turns out it is expired, do not panic; there is no need to worry because eggs can last longer than their expiration date and many people consume eggs from the same pack they bought 20-25 days ago.  

So, the answer is yes; you can eat the eggs up to some days of the mentioned expiration date. 

Know The Difference!

There is a very fine line between expired eggs and rotten eggs. Eggs remain good up to 1 month, which is more than their expiry date, but eggs do not remain good forever, so always take the help of your senses to examine your eggs. Here are the things you should do to see if the egg is not spoiled.

Appearance Test

Whenever you are frying an egg, do not crack it directly into the pan; crack it open on a separate plate and check whether it looks good or not; if it does look good, then transfer it to the pan, and if it does not then, you can throw it in the bin and crack open other egg to get your dish going. 

This way, you will not be ruining your ready to use the pan. 

Odour Test

After cracking an egg, smell it even if it looks fine. If you can experience an unusual odour, you should immediately throw the egg because this specific odour indicates that your egg has rotten. 


Question: Can I eat eggs after expiration date?

Answer: Yes, you can eat eggs after the expiration date because eggs last more than their expiration dates.

Question: How can I check whether my eggs are good or rotten? 

Answer: You can always smell your eggs or watch them after cracking them in a separate vessel before using them. If they seem good, you can eat them, and if they don’t, you should throw them immediately. 


Now you might have got the answer to your question,’ can I eat eggs after expiration date?’. Now, you might have got your answer that yes, you can eat an egg after it has expired as long as it is not rotten. You have to pay some attention after cracking the eggs to check whether they are good or rotten.