What Are The Ingredients In A Moscow Mule?

Discussing what is in Moscow Mule? is what we are going to have a look into as we progress through and form new and forming opinions about.

As the fact itself that a drink was named after Moscow without hardly any association to it is an enticing one. 

Also is a curious story in itself thus adding all the more mystery to its name. This makes it an attraction of sorts thus making us more and more involved.

History and origin of Moscow mule

Tracing back in time we uncover a lot about this well-known drink and its name as it was invented back in 1941 New York  Chatham hotel. John ”Jack” Morgan owner of Cock’n Bull Restaurant and president of all Cock’n Bull Products that made a ginger beer that the customers were uninterested in.

The name Moscow mule of the infamous drink has almost nothing to do with Moscow itself as it originated or moreover was invented in New York.

This name when asked was said to be just a random pick but on further inspection, it became clear as Moscow came from Americans’ habit to associate vodka with Russia and Mule was for the ginger beer adding a nice kick of flavour to it, eventually bringing about a change and acceptance of vodka in America.   

What is in Moscow Mule?

The drink is a cocktail made by combining vodka, sweet and spicy ginger beer with a nice touch of lime juice to crisp the flavour and make it delicate yet exploding at the same time it is like a continental mix of two contrasting flavours with vodka acting as a mediator to ease the process thus creating a perfect blend of this remix. 

It is like a buck thus referred to as a Vodka buck sometimes being served with a slice or a wedge of lime.

It’s Preferable for

The drink is enjoyable by anyone regardless of the gender being it a boy or a girl as of the drink’s dual traits being served in a metal mug it has a sharp bite to it making it perfect for guys but at the same time, it is fizzy and sweet too making it a preferred choice for girls as well.

It comes as no surprise given the popularity of the drink  As the drink proves itself to be the best of both worlds.

Contents of Moscow Mule 

S. no. 





½ Oz Vodka



½ Oz Lime Juice



4 Oz Ginger Beer



1 or 2 slices Lime

Here you can get to know some more about the contents of Moscow Mule.

Health benefits of Moscow mule 

It might come as a real surprise as a product of alcohol can be a health buddy but this drink makes it all but easy. But not going as far as being healthy is true. 

It will still affect your liver, heart, and whole body in a bad way. Neither it will be a good abuse nor will it be a cure for any mortal disease. 

But believe it or not, it still does have some positive effects that are 

  1. A good amount of Vitamin C is due to the heavy dose of lime induced in it. Now vitamin C is an antioxidant that acts as a booster for your immune system. 
  2. The ginger present acts as a digestive aid that helps your body to create more digestive enzymes and keep your digestion proper.
  3. Not everyone uses cucumber but this will help a lot in case you do as the silica present will aid your skin nourishment and cleansing.
  4. Fruits can also be an interesting and healthy choice as it helps the overall nourishment of your body.

Now the following way of taking it makes it 500% gain and 50% loss if not excessively consumed.


The contents in the Moscow Mule are not too exotic, yet the Moscow Mule definitely is. Moscow mule consists of major ingredients like Vodka, Lime Juice, and Ginger Beer. This all mixed together is garnished with lime slices and Voila! You have your drink ready. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why is a copper Cup used for Moscow Mule?

A copper cup is known to provide a refreshing and cool feeling to the Moscow Mule. 

  • Is Moscow Mule more of a girly drink?

No! Definitely not! It’s not a sexist drink for providing discrimination between boys and girls. It’s an everyone can enjoy a drink! 

  • What are the major ingredients in Moscow Mule?

The major ingredients in the Moscow Mule are,

  • Ginger Beer
  • Lime Juice
  • Vodka