Born on 18 nov?? Want to know your zodiac sign?? You are sharp minded, have a deep personality and can do anything if you decide to. Scorpio is your sign.

The strong one is more likely to be misunderstood, the same goes with this sign. Scorpio, because of its ultimate power, and passion, this sign becomes one of the most misunderstood signs of all. Power is often confused with fire, but Scorpio is a water bearer. 

18 Nov is the day of Scorpio, that is between 23rd Oct- 21st Nov. Known for keeping their life and thoughts private, these signs receive their strength from their mental stability. The aura that clarifies Scorpio is dark, mysterious, and dangerous.

Do you look at someone and go, what’s going on inside their head? This goes best with a Scorpio bearer. Their secretive nature makes you want to approach them first and get to know what’s on their mind. Governed by the planet that symbolizes destruction. It’s like their vessel for power is always empty, as they are always craving power and control over everything.

Personality traits of a person born on 18-NOV

  • Like every other sign, they also have their positive as well as negative traits. Positive being, tough-minded, and having great mental abilities. Negative on the other hand, they act just like a real scorpion. They keep on gathering information and then wait for the right time to attack. Everything is pre-planned. This doesn’t make them a bad person, it is just a really strong mental trait.
  • They are very well determined with what they want. They aren’t confused about what’s best for them. If they want it, they’ll go through everything and work for it. But, they are easily intimidated, they get jealous easily and would compare themselves, their achievements with everyone. When they have a goal, they’ll go straight to it, without thinking much and have an excellent focus level.
  • Another trait for this strong sign is that they’ll sacrifice themselves for their loved ones. Be it a friend or family member. They’ll put themselves first for the hard work. This doesn’t mean they’re super strong, it is just that they don’t want others to see their weak side. They won’t open up and this makes them difficult to deal with, in person.
  • Being obsessive is another trait. It cannot be classified as positive or negative, as sometimes being possessive for the thing that you love the most is good. But sometimes, it just becomes too toxic. They keep on collecting and then, revenge is their best policy.
  • They are the loyal type in love relations. Furthermore, they are highly compatible with other water sign bearers. Likewise, they hate to be controlled but want to be the one that’s controlling. Not only that, but they are the commitment type of person in a relationship. Likewise, they give their all to the one they love and always want to know where they stand in a relationship.
  • Darkness is depth, they get along with others well in intellectual terms.

How to get along well with a Scorpio?

  • Scorpio likes people who have a voice of their own and can speak up for themselves.
  • They are honest and also assume the same trustworthy behavior from you.
  • Support them with their career and goals, they’ll respect your behavior.

Frequently asked questions

What are Scorpio good at?

Scorpios are usually good at competing with others. They are focused on their goal and look at the big picture.

What are the types of Scorpio?

They are of three types- scorpion, eagle, and phoenix.

Is Scorpios evil?

As stated before, this is the most misunderstood sign of all. They are dark, secretive, and keep to themselves. This isn’t the definition of being evil, it’s just that they love their own space. But, when triggered, they can be dangerous and harmful.


18 Nov is the day of Scorpio. Most misunderstood sign of all twelve. Psychic, secretive, manipulative are the traits that make a Scorpio so attractive, dangerous, and awesome at the same time. People born under this sign are mentally strong and have the attention span and patience of a scorpion.