What Hand Is A Wedding Ring On?

Exchanging rings is a tradition in Indian as well as western culture. Exchanging rings are very famous in our wedding culture and, when you exchange rings, your relationship becomes official. You officially become husband and wife.

But ever questioned why do we exchange wedding rings? It symbolizes the promises that the bride and groom make. It represents the vows and it is now official that the person belongs to someone else.

On what hand does the wedding ring go? Everyone must have known from their childhood that what hand does a wedding ring go? We grow up seeing our culture and marriage is a part of our culture only so many people by now have indeed known on what finger does the wedding ring go?    

In western culture, the wedding ring goes on to the fourth finger, which is a ring finger of your left hand. Not only in western culture but Indian culture also, but the ring is also worn on the left ring finger for girls and the right ring finger for boys.

But this is not a hard and fast rule. It varies from culture to culture and country to country. Hence there is no specific rule to which finger the wedding ring belongs. 

Meaning of left ring finger 

Ancient people believed that the left-hand ring finger is directly attached to your heart. It has a special connection with the heart and is known as the vein of love.

It varies to different places, who wears it on the right hand and who on the left? In general, the bride wears the wedding ring on the left ring finger.

Meaning of right ring finger 

Again, it varies from culture to culture but according to the ancient Romans and ancient people the left hand was considered unlucky and unhappy. As for India, the left hand is considered impure.

In some places, the wedding rings are shifted from one finger to another after the wedding ceremony.  In India, the wedding ring is the engagement ring and, then, there are other ceremonies to get married. But in foreign countries, the engagement ring is considered the wedding ring. You exchange rings when you get married but it also has other ceremonies. Exchanging rings in a foreign country is considered a marriage ring only.

Historically, people believed wedding rings could be worn on any finger, even on the thumb. It is the trend in which people keep using their ring finger as the wedding ring finger. It is believed that the ring finger is directly connected to your heart through veins and is called veins of love.

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Significance of wedding rings 

  • Wedding rings symbolize that you are a couple now and have promised each other to be with each other.
  • Wedding rings symbolize love, care, affection, and commitment towards the person.
  • The ring is considered pure because it comes out from so much heat means it can survive anything.

There is no legal requirement to exchange rings. It is a tradition started by ancient people. Many people who do court marriage or simple legal marriage do not do these formalities.

Frequently asked questions (faq) 

  1. Is it necessary to exchange rings?

-No, it is not necessary to exchange rings. These are the trends that were followed by the people and are still followed by the people.

  1. On which finger does the wedding ring go? Or what hand is a wedding ring on?

-It varies from culture to culture. In Indian culture, it is the left ring finger for brides and, the right ring finger for the grooms.

  1. Who puts the ring first?

-The groom usually starts first.


As there is no hard and fast rule to which finger the ring goes. It is always said to go according to your culture and what has been followed by your ancestors. Every place has its own culture and rituals. So to decide particularly on the cultures and rituals, would not be the right thing to do.