Want To Know More About Hong Kong?

If you are interested in learning more about Hong Kong then you are at the right place because here you will get to know more about Hong Kong. You might wonder what exactly Hong Kong is? Or Hong Kong is in what country?

Hong Kong is in China. Hong Kong is a metropolitan region in China. China is known for its breathtaking views and economy. Being a metropolitan area in China, Hong Kong has a very dense population and individual judicial power. 

Hong Kong receives many tourists per year because of its diversity and amazing nature. People visit various places in Hong Kong and get to know more and more about the culture and history of China. China has given a lot in history that is why history enthusiasts are attracted to China. Even people go to China for traveling purposes to have fun.

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Interesting Facts About Hong Kong 

  1. Being a metropolitan region, Hong Kong has a very dense population. 
  2. It comes under the jurisdiction of China. 
  3. The transport system is very well developed in Hong Kong as the population is too much.
  4. The houses are very good in Hong Kong.
  5. There are buildings which contain various flats where people can live.  
  6. It has various towns and suburbs. 
  7. Hong Kong has many beautiful beaches, which are tourist attractions like Pui O beach, golden beach, and many more beaches. 
  8. Hong Kong has one of the best skylines in the whole world. At night the skyscraper lights up, and it creates a very good view at night. So tourists chill out on the streets at night and enjoy themselves.
  9. You can enjoy the view of almost full Hong Kong from the Victoria peak. Victoria peak is surrounded by a large park that has a lot of greenery. There are shops and restaurants at the peak to buy cool stuff and eat delicious meals. 
  10. The 34 meters long Big Buddha statue is one of the most visited places in Hong Kong. It lies on Lantau island. You can get there by cable car as it is at a high altitude. This statue took 12 years to get completed and is surrounded by various small islands and oceans. 
  11. There are a number of temples in Hong Kong. Tourists visit them and pray for their well-being. These temples have very good ancient sculptures and designs. 
  12. One of the best things in Hong Kong is the street market and the night market, where you can buy a lot of stuff at a fair price and taste some of China’s good delicacies in the night market. 
  13. Hong Kong has its own Disneyland where you can have the best time of your life. 
  14. Tourists also visit Tai O fishing village. It is a very quiet village where you can get peace and taste some delicious and fresh seafood. 
  15. Located in the center of Hong Kong, Hong Kong park is very large and has trees everywhere. This park has almost 80 species of birds. It also has a small forest in it. 

This was some info about Hong Kong that can be helpful to you in the future.