What Do Poachers Mean?

Poaching destabilizes welfare measures taken by the developing countries.

Killing wildlife animals is a non-bailable offence in all countries. A decade back, a famous actor Salman Khan was caught red-handed and charge-sheeted when he poached inside the protected forest area in the northern plains of India and killed Sambar deer, which comes under the endangered species list category.

Poaching and killing wildlife animals is banned in India and also in all other countries. Forest officials will take stringent actions against poachers. You may have a question in your mind – what do poachers mean?

The dictionary meaning of poacher is “someone who trespasses illegally and kills wildlife animals. A poacher is a person who wilfully takes away animals from forests or confined zones without the knowledge of the forest officers or caretakers. 

Penalties for committing felonies and poaching

The US Government takes serious actions against hunters who kill endangered species like fishes, lions, tigers, rhinoceros, birds, and monkeys. Listed below are some of the penalties for committing poaching and illegal hunting.

– Fines 

– Temporary or permanent cancellation of fishing and hunting permits

– Jail sentences or lifetime imprisonment 

– Forfeiture or confiscation of poaching devices, tools, and equipment

Hundreds of thousands of seals are killed every year

The news that went viral like wildfire on online news channels a few years ago is poaching and hunting of Canadian seals. It came as a big shock and sleepless night to animal lovers, SPCA, and international wildlife protection organizations. 

Commercial seal hunters have so far killed millions of seals for commercial purposes and sold the fur for princely price. It is imperative to note that the fur trade, a billion-dollar industry is flourishing everywhere. 

The poachers kill sheep, rhinoceros, hippopotamus, pigs, tigers, and endangered animals and extract fur, skin, and body organs. 

Anti-poaching efforts taken by countries like Africa, Canada, the USA, and Asia started seeing positive results. The United States has formulated various laws that govern hunting and poaching. Some of them are listed below.

– Endangered species act

– Migratory Bird Treaty Act of 1918

– The Lacey Act 1900

Wildlife trafficking and smuggling destabilize the environment.

Both developed and developing countries are taking strict measures to stop wildlife tracking and smuggling since these criminal activities may destabilize welfare measures. Wildlife hunters in Africa have killed thousands of elephants and extracted the tusks from the dead animals.

It is worth noting that there is a demand for products made from ivory. The hunters kill the tusker elephant and sell the tusk, skin, and organs for a massive price. The African Government with the wildlife council is working together and building strategies to reduce wildlife trafficking and poaching. 

The English Nation has set-up plenty of associations like BASC, PAW, and NWCU that vigilantly watches poaching activities in natural set-ups, forest, and jungles. In countries like England and Wales, the poaching of animals is not allowed. Police authorities will take severe actions against poachers.

Wildlife authorities will impose fines or arrest those who indulge in poaching activities. Now, you can answer without hesitation if someone asks a question – what do poachers mean?

What is Samson Law in the USA?

Samson Law is famous in the state of Colorado, USA. It deals with the penalties and fines for poaching or killing trophy animals. The penalty amounts and fines differ from animal to animal. 

– A fine of up to $4000 for killing pronghorn antelope

– A fine or penalty of up to $10000 for killing mule deer, white-tailed deer, and bull elk.

– A fine or penalty of up to $15000 for killing bull moose and mountain goat billy

– A fine or penalty of up to $30000 for killing ram bighorn sheep.