What Does TGIS Mean?

Abbreviations play an important role in the English language. 

Students can save time and space when they use abbreviations. Of late, abbreviations are gaining popularity in the world of medical science. Doctors abbreviate medicines, names of the diseases, and medical records and save their precious time. 

Commonly used abbreviations in business text messages are listed below.

– Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

– As soon as possible (ASAP)

– No problem (NP)

– Do it yourself (DIY)

Commonly used abbreviations in personal chats and messages are listed below.

– Laugh out Loud ( LOL)

– Talk to you later (TTYL)

– Quote of the Day (QOTD)

– By the way (BTW)

You can text plenty of sentences in abbreviated format and send them through SMS to your friends. You may get messages like TGIS from known circles, friends, and family members. What does tgis mean, and how to use this abbreviation while writing a letter, email, and text? 

The abbreviation TGIS stands for Thank God It’s Saturday. You can sit back and relax if you receive a message that has TGIS enjoy from your close friends. It means that today is Saturday, and there is one more day left which is Sunday. 

Does TGIS convey proper meaning?

TGIS is an abbreviation that gives varieties of meanings. Listed below are popular definitions of TGIS.

TGIS – Thank God it’s Sunday

TGIS – Thank God I’m saved

TGIS – Thank God it’s summer

TGIS – Thank Goodness it’s Shabbat

TGIS – Think Grow Inspire Succeed

TGIS – Thank God it’s Sab ado

Yes, TGIS conveys proper meaning like commonly used abbreviations. 

Now, look at how TGI is used in romantic texting and messages.

  1. What is the name of your girlfriend?


           TG she looks prettier (Thank God)

  1. Are you single or married?

           TGIS (Thank God I’m Single). When shall we meet today?

Was the TGIS TV series a game-changer in 1990?

Thank God it’s Sabado’s (TGIS) was a TV serial broadcasted on Indonesian TV. It became an international hit. It was aired on the TV channel from 1995 to 1999. The total number of episodes that aired on Indonesian TV was 233. 

It bagged plenty of coveted awards and became a massive hit in eastern countries. Teenagers living in Indonesia never miss watching this serial since every episode aired on the channel was crafted meticulously by the team of directors. 

TGIS is a famous catering services organization

Thank Goodness it is Sofia (TGIS) is a reputed catering services organization started in 1989. It started its operations in Long Beach, California, and offers varieties of services to customers. Listed below are the services given by this premium catering organization

– Wedding and venue management

– Event management

– Employment services

– Catering and supply chain management

It has won several awards and recognitions for its services. It implements eco-friendly policies and green initiatives. 

Transportation Geospatial Information System (TGIS) is a map used by defense organizations, government bodies, and transportation departments. 

Thomas Group Inc. (TGIS) is a famous organization that offers industrial services. It is in Texas, United States. 

While texting chat messages to your friends and dearest ones, you must exercise caution while using slang words like TGIS. Now, you can give a prompt reply if someone asks you what does tgis mean?

Students can gain mastery in oral and verbal communication when they learn abbreviations of famous sentences. It may also help you while writing business correspondence emails or letters. Students preparing for entrance exams may get questions about topics related to abbreviations. 

Keep reading scientific journals, publications, books, and magazines regularly. More you read books, you will come across hundreds of abbreviations that may help you in various ways.