What Does Theis Mean?

Theis is a word derived from Hebrew language. Matthias is fondly called as Theis.

Writers should exercise caution while framing sentences since there are words like theis when used wrongly convey negative meanings. In addition, the word ‘theis’ is often confused with thesis. It is worth noting that the thesis is a project work written and submitted by high school and college students. 

So, what does theis mean in the English language? The word theis refers to Matthias who was an apostle of Christian missionaries. He was popular throughout the middle ages, and his role in spreading Christianity in Germany and other countries needs a special mention.

Names that start with theis

There are lots of influential theis families in the country of the USA. A large chunk of theis families who migrated from other countries during 1840 like Germany, England, and North Wales live in Pennsylvania and nearby states. Even now, you can see large settlements of theis families in Pennsylvania, New York, Texas, and Missouri. 

What is the occupation of theis families?

It is worth noting that theis is a famous surname and around 5000 people in the USA have theis as their surname. The theis families who migrated from various countries settled peacefully in remote villages of the USA. Their main occupation is farming, horticulture, beekeeping, and casual labor works. 

Educated people chose to work as stenographers, administrators, press reporters, and supervisors. 

So, what does theis mean? Theis is only family surnames and not an English word. 

Famous personalities who had theis as surnames 

There are lots of celebrities who had theis as surnames, and some of them are listed below.

  • J. William Theis (1933 -35)

He was a famous News reporter who worked in Pittsburgh during 1933-35. He worked in various designations and helped society in various ways. He became Bureau of Chief in one of the leading Newspapers, namely Hearst Newspapers, in 1968 and retired.

  • Anna Maria Theis (1856 – 1956)

Anna Maria Theis was born in Belgium and migrated to the USA after getting married to John Kerkhoff. She had seven children and passed away in the year 1956 in the state of Indiana,

  • Margaretha Theis (1884- 1954)

Margaretha Theis was born in Minnesota in 1884. She was married to John Henry Hennen and had 10 children. She died in Minnesota in 1954 leaving behind her 10 children. 

  • Louis Fred Theis (1876-1949)

He was a famous Marine Corp who received a Medal of Honor from the Government. He acted swiftly and abated the fire in the USS Petrel ship. His roles were commendable during the fire accident.

Theis family members are called by surnames Theisen, Thein, Theisz and Theisman. 

Is theis a Hebrew word?

Yes, the word theis originates from the Hebrew language. Saint Matthias spoke the Hebrew language when he was in Israel. Saint Matthias was one of the famous disciples of Jesus, and after the crucifixion of Jesus, Mathias became one of the 12 Saints.  

He traveled far and wide and propagated Christianity. He was the one who was not chosen directly by Lord Jesus. But he was a retinue of Lord Jesus right from the beginning. Even though there is no conclusive evidence about where he lived and propagated Christianity, people all over the world believed him and fell at his feet. 

Sources confirm that he was also crucified like Jesus and buried in some unknown places. But he was instrumental in spreading Christianity in Israel and far-off countries like Rome. He has traveled far and wide and preached Christianity. 

Rick Klaus Theis was a famous poet in the USA who has written hundreds of poems. Walter Theis was an American Republican politician who has taken lots of welfare measures. Frank Gordon Theis was also a famous Politician in the country of the USA.