Does Silver Need to be cleaned and Polished Regularly?

Silver is a precious metal that has to be preserved like a treasure for a lifetime since it has excellent resale value like gold, platinum, and diamond metals. 

Give new lease of life to a silver 

Silver like all other precious metals has excellent resale value. If you own coins or ornaments made out of silver, you should take efforts to maintain them properly. You may have a question – how to clean silver?

Ornamental jewelry and coins made from silver need regular maintenance. Even though silver does not rust or wear and tear in the long run but it may lose the sheen when you do not take proper care. 

You should take an effort to give a new lease of life to your antique items or ornaments by cleaning them properly.

How to keep your silver clean and save it from tarnishing?

The kitchen cupboard will get that shiny and dazzling look when you keep the stainless steel cutlery items, silver cups, and vessels free from discoloration and chemical reactions. You can give a new lease of life to your kitchen cabinet when you apply some of the time-tested methods listed below.

Wash your silver items with soap

Soak your silver coins, chains, and jewelry in soapy water and leave them for a few minutes. After some time take your silver items out and clean them with fresh water. The silver coins and all other items will get that shiny and bright look when you follow this method. 

Never use inferior quality soaps or powders since these products can only aggravate the problems

Branded silver polish will do the magic

Never apply oils, greases, or detergents to your silver items. Stop using such products and start using silver polish immediately. Take a small amount of silver polish from the bottle on a clean fabric or cloth. Rub it on your silver coins, chains, and ornaments gently for a few minutes. 

You should use clean clothes for wiping the silver polish applied on the jewelry. Your silver vessels and jewelry will sparkle with beauty when you follow this method.

Apply lemon and salt mixture 

You should squeeze lemon and salt mixture on the old silver items and gently clean them using a piece of cloth. After a point of time, wash the silver products with clean water and store them safely. The silver items will get that refreshing and clean look when you follow this method.

Squeeze hand sanitizer and toothpaste

It is worth noting that sanitizer and toothpaste are used as cleaning agents. You should squeeze a small amount of hand sanitizer and toothpaste on the old silver coins and antique items and clean them with running water. After cleaning, allow it to dry for a few minutes. 

The silver items will sparkle with beauty when you follow this wonderful method.

Apple cider vinegar drives away discoloration

Apple cider vinegar is an effective formula that drives away discoloration and impurities quickly. Apply a small amount of cider vinegar on the silver a few times and wash the silver items thoroughly using fresh water.

Baking soda and ketch-up act as cleansers 

If you have a bottle of baking soda in your home you should start using it immediately. You should apply a small amount of baking soda to the utensils and ornaments made out of silver. If this method fails or does not give you the desired result, then you should start using ketch-up on the silver items. 

Explore all the possibilities before taking the next step 

Try all the possibilities before taking your silver ornaments or metals to the nearest shop.