How to Use Scrub and Face Wash?

Do you want to clean your face but don’t know How to Use Scrub and Face Wash? Then this post is for you. Face scrubs and face washes are part of beauty nowadays. It is used everywhere in the world for facial care. But using it at right way does wonder.

Using a face scrub needs a technique. It also depends on what type of skin you have, like Oily, Dry, and acne-prone skin. Acne-prone skin people have to take more care of their facial skin because acnes are very painful sometimes.

There is a different technique of using face scrub for oily, dry, and acne-prone face types, so use it wisely. Let us start with the first step.

Know Everything Before Applying

Generally, face scrubs are used two times per week. However, you can first wash off the face with a good face wash for the best results. There are no exact techniques to use face wash, but there are techniques to use a face scrub.

First, you can wash your face with face wash and clean with warm water. Second, you can use any good facial cleaner which is good for your skin. Washing the face with face wash will remove the skin oil and cleans the pores from dirt and excess oil.

It is very well known that never use face scrub directly. Always use face wash before face scrub.

Take The Proper Amount of Scrub and Apply

After washing your face with face wash, take a little quality of face scrub in your hand. Be sure always to use a tiny amount. Don’t use any more than that.

Evenly Spread the Scrub with Hands

After taking a little amount in hands, spread it on the face evenly. So, the scrub can affect evenly in all facial areas. Scrub with hands so it can spread evenly.

Don’t Force It

On your face, apply gently and evenly. Don’t rub it hard. You can gently massage the applied part for about 10 seconds. Be sure that you don’t make contact with your eyes. If it contacts with eyes, then rinse the eye with cold water.

You have to be more careful if you have acne-prone skin or dry skin. You can buy an appropriate scrub according to your skin type. If you did not do that, then you may have skin irritation.

Rinse Thoroughly

Now, it’s time to wash it off. Wash your face with normal water or lukewarm water and remove all the scrub. Don’t use hot water because it can irritate your skin.

Clean and Dry Gently

After you are fully scrub-free and washed, dry it gently with a clean, lenient cloth. Never rub your face very hard. It may damage the skin. Instead, always gently clean the skin and dry it off. If you have acne, then you should never rub the skin very hard.

You can try patting your skin instead of rubbing it. It can slowly dry the skin smoothly.

Use Moisturizer

After drying your face, it’s time to use moisturizer. Moisturizer hydrates the facial skin. Use a good moisturizer, so its effects are good for your skin.

This is the answer to your frequently asked question How to Use Scrub and Face Wash.