How To Clean A Microwave In 3 Steps?

Are you one of us who notice our microwave is dirty until it’s giving you trouble? Then hold on and read these three steps of how to clean a microwave.

The modern kitchen is empty without its microwave. Whether you want to make a mug-cake or want to heat your leftover chicken noodle soup, microwaves get messy quickly. Therefore, it is necessary to know how to clean a microwave.

If your microwave is dust-ridden, or the food isn’t heating is as quickly as before or, the inside of your microwave is greased with food residue, then know that it’s time for a good clean of your microwave. You can scrub it with your favorite ingredients like baking soda or vinegar and, your machine will be as good as new.

Removing the Grime

Steaming Solution of Vinegar or Citrus and Water

In this method, you have to create a steaming solution of vinegar or citrus with water. All you will need is one cup of water and boil it with two or three slices of lime, orange, or lemon. Or, you can add one tablespoon of vinegar into the water. If your microwave is dirtier than you thought, then consider adding more vinegar or citrus.

Add Baking Soda as a Deodorizer

If your machine smells, then add baking soda to your solution. Then heat it. As a natural deodorizer, the baking soda will absorb the smell inside your microwave.

Use a Wooden Skewer

To prevent the solution from superheating and breaking your bowl, use a wooden skewer or put a wooden spoon into your bowl.

Heat it for Five Minutes

To create steam, you have to microwave the solution for five minutes at high heat. After that, don’t open the door for another five minutes as you’ll lose the steam if you open the microwave immediately. In those last five minutes, the steam of your hot solution will loosen the dirt. 

Time to Clean the Insides

Cleaning the Turntable

Now, remove the solution bowl and the turntable from the microwave. Next, clean the turntable with soapy water. If it is too dirty, use a sink full of soapy water and soak the turntable. It will remove any stain and dirt on the turntable.

Wipe the Insides Clean

Use a cloth or sponge to soak it in the solution you made earlier. Then wipe the door, sides, top, and bottom of the inside of your machine to get rid of any grease. As food often splatters in this area, you have to give some time to clean it thoroughly.

Scrub the Interior Clean

You can use a paper towel or a cloth to scrub the interior clean from any residue of grime or wipe it until the inside of your microwave is dry. Now, put the turntable back and make sure that it’s not tilted.

Cleaning the Outside

Use Soapy water a Cloth

The next step in how to clean a microwave is to clean the outside of the microwave and make it shine. Use a cloth and soak it in soapy water and wring the excess water out. Here, you can use dishwashing soap. Then scrub the sides, top, and display unit with it.

Damp and Clean New Cloth to the Rescue

Now take a clean cloth and damp it in warm water to clean the soap from the outside of your microwave. 

Use a Dry Cloth

Now, you will have to use a dry cloth to clean the excess moisture. If you have excess dirt, then use a commercial disinfectant to clean the microwave properly.

Consider following these three ways to clean your microwave. You can also use more baking soda or nail polish remover to wipe away the stubborn stains. Now, be proud of your squeaky-clean microwave.