How To Clean White TNS?

Do you like white Nike Tuned Shoes? Do you? Then you surely must have trouble cleaning the white TNS. This blog will let you know how to clean white TNS.

Are you a sneakerhead? Came here to test our knowledge on how to clean white TNS? Gotcha! Of course, you are the pro, but we might have some very good tricks to impress you! Let’s together dive into the methods of how to clean white TNS. This blog below will cover every little information you need to know. Your Nike shoes are never going back to being dirty for a long time again!

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Is it really important to keep those White TNS’ clean? Why?

Well, to answer that question, do you need to know that, after the unpleasant odor burning the hair in your nose? If that’s not an awakening call to you, then maybe increasing the lifespan of your Nike shoes is? If your white TNs’ are not regularly cleaned, they will very easily get prone to deterioration.

What to do and what not to do

Below are some necessary do’s and don’ts mentioned for cleaning your White Nike shoes, 

What to do 

  • While cleaning your sneakers, you can bring in a shoe tree. It will provide you with ease when cleaning the shoes.  
  • Insoles and laces should be removed before starting the cleaning. 
  • A dry brush should be used on the shoe before starting any thorough clean-up. 
  • To avoid damaging the material, you should use a soft bristle brush for inner linings on the shoe.
  • A truth brush can be a good alternative for reaching places where no other thing reaches easily. 

What not to do

  • Avoid using hard detergents or bleaches. 
  • No direct sunlight for your white Nikes. It’ll turn them yellow.
  • Keep your sneakers closer to air and away from moisture. 
  • Direct heat from the use of a blow dryer can be hazardous for the sneakers. 
  • Do not bring in hard bristle brushes for cleaning. 

How to clean white TNS?

If you know about cleaning white Nike shoes, it sure will be that being rough and scrubbing does not bring the shine back. To clean white TNS, you need to rely on quality instead of effort. Yes, the effort is important but in the right direction. Below is the method which should be adopted for cleaning the white Nike shoes,

Preparing for the cleanup

    • Start by getting all the required products for the conduction of the cleanup. 
    • You will need a shoe cleaner or shoe polish that is specific to Nike shoes.
    • Make sure to have enough stock of soft, hard, and toothbrushes. 
    • Towels made of microfibres are essential. 

Getting the shoes Ready

  • Removal of insoles and laces.
  • Fit the shoe perfectly into the shoe tree or use paper towels instead. 
  • The dirt on the surface is removed by dry brushing the shoe. 

Cleaning and Scrubbing

  • The cleaning solution can be prepared with three-fourths of water added to the one-fourth part solution. 
  • Laces can be easily washed using hands and kept to dry.
  • Inner linings are brushed by a soft bristle toothbrush. The brush is dipped in the solution made and used to scrub off the germs and bacterias on the white TNS shoe. 
  • A hard bristled brush does the scrubbing off work for the soles. 

Air drying

After the cleaning, in ample sunlight, the shoes are left to air dry. The sunlight should not be too much for the shoes to start turning yellow. 


To make sure that there are no remaining bacteria, you can use a disinfecting spray on the bottom and midsole of your sneakers. 

How To Whiten Yellowed Out Soles 

The yellow color that starts to appear on the shoes is all because of the process called oxidation. The strategic process to get rid of the yellowed outsoles is,

  • Many detergent brands launch magic erasers for brushing the soles off of the yellow pigmentation.
  • The next step should include a thorough application of brightening products available in the market. You can also feel free to use something handy at home. Then, apply it to the soles. 
  • Now it’s time to let them take their time off drying in the air. The bottom should be facing the sky.
  • The process can be repeated again if need be. 

Should White TNS be washed in Washing Machine?

Generally, Nike itself is not promoting the idea of washing the shoes in washing machines. The soaked sneaker allows letting in more moisture than necessary. And the washer can also be at risk of damage. Therefore, not using a washing machine harms no one.

If you want to use the washer in any case, here are a few things you should keep a check of,

  • Pre-treatment of the shoes using a mildly made solution is mandatory.
  • Keeping laundry bags separate for shoes and laces.
  • Washing of white towels with the white TNS can help you cancel noise and clunking.