How Often Change Doormat?

There is no specific period of time to change the Doormats. But, it is best to change the Doormats for every month and should be cleaned every week to keep our home and surroundings clean.

Doormats :

Doormats are the piece of cloth or other materials and textures to which is used to remove dirt from or feet. Sometimes we feel uncomfortable in our feet due to wetness. This may be caused due to change in weather. This occurs more often in rainy seasons when our feet become wet. Dust and debris also cause irritation in the feet. And this makes us feel uncomfortable.

Sometimes these dust particles may damage your cleaned tiles of the floor. Sometimes it may spread dust all over the ground and makes it look clumsy.So in order to remove this dust, wetness and make our feet clean, it is necessary to use doormats. Using doormats also helps in removing dust and wetness from our feet. This helps in keeping our house or room clean. 

Without doormats :

Without doormats, we might not be able to get a clean room every time we enter it from outside. Because, when we go outside we may get dust, rubbish, and wetness from the roads, and we carry the same with us all the way where we go. This mainly occurs in the rainy season, due to rains roads become wet and at some places’ mud spots, potholes will form, and they serve as the main places for making our feet dirty.

When we enter the home with this dirt, then it may cause the spread of dirt all over the room. Sometimes it may cause some diseases. So to avoid all these things it is better to use doormats. 

Types Of Doormats :

There are many types of Doormats. Which one is better? It is a difficult question to answer. According to the place you are using it and according to the type of weather, type of soil around your place there are certain types of doormats. These are made of different materials according to the purpose of doormats. 

Likewise, cotton doormats are preferably used outside the bathrooms in the houses in order to absorb the wetness of the feet and make feet and room clean. Doormats that have a brush-like fibers are placed at entrances of houses, malls, etc. 

This will remove dust and sand particles from the shoes or feet, which makes the house or mall floor clean. In this way, there are many types of doormats. But the main question that arises is “How often change doormats ?”.

How often change the doormat? :

As we discussed earlier, there is no specific period for which the doormats have to be changed. This depends on some certain points like the place of their use, traffic to which it is subjected, type of weather, type of material of doormats. The traffic of people who use it is the main factor which decides whether to clean it or to change it.

Because,  if more people are using it in a single day, and they are making it dirtier, then it should be cleaned every day in extreme cases it needs to be changed. 

Effect of weather:

Type of weather is also the main factor that defines the period of changing a doormat. Because, in the rainy season due to rains, roads become wet, if doormats are not used then it will cause the spread of bacterial infections and dirt in the houses and malls. The place of usage and the material of the doormats are the two interlinked points to be considered for knowing when to change the doormats.

Effect of place to be used:

 Likewise, for house entrance and outdoor usage, it is better to use doormats with brush like fibers and this should be changed every week or month. And for offices and malls, the doormats should be changed every month and should be cleaned as per the traffic of the people using it. Likewise, for bedrooms, cotton doormats should be used and should be changed every month and in extreme cases, it is better to clean them every day.