How many Iron Man movies are there?

Who in this world is not a fan of movies? Movie nights, movie dates, movie morning, and whatnot? Some movies feel just like home. From Bollywood to Hollywood, everyone in this world has access to new and recent movies, no matter what the genre is.

But a movie that has captured everyone’s eye and breath is the movie’s name, Iron man. Filled with genres like Action, Superhero, War, Thriller, Adventure, and science fiction, and whatnot, this movie is popular for its plot. 

The movie Iron Man is based on the Marvel Comics characters having the same name, which has made this movie equally famous among adults and children. So the questions arise, how many parts are there in this movie? Want to know more? Read this article peacefully wherever you are, at your home or some floor. 

So, how many Iron Man movies are there?

There are about three Iron man movies that are based particularly on the life of iron man. Still, when it comes to movies that involve Iron Man, there are about eleven Marvel movies such as The Avengers, Spiderman homecoming, Avengers infinity wars, Avengers End Games, and many more.

Stark, who plays the role of iron man, has worked in about 11 films being the Iron Man who is just extraordinary. This movie is about a genius inventor who was forced to build a devastating weapon and builds an armored suit, which he uses to kill and combat crime.

Will there be Iron Man’s 4th part?

There is good news that a movie like Iron Man cannot end so soon without having a great comeback. The comeback is promised, and according to reports, iron man four can come between  2022-24. According to the reports, the makers wanted to pause for two reasons.

  • First, they needed a good story that would take time to be made, but the wait would be worth it.
  • Secondly, the value of the movie or plot would decrease if the makers of iron man released it one after the other.


The number of iron man movies is three in total that are completely based on the stories of iron man. In addition, eleven Marvel movies involve the character of Iron Man. There might be the release of iron man part four soon between 2022-24. Iron man is one of the most celebrated movies in Hollywood, which is also famous worldwide. I hope this article will be helpful to you.

Thank you.