Top 10 Cheap Romantic Getaways in Los Angeles

Los Angeles, located in the USA, is one of the most famous getaways that people think about when they want to have a happy time. This is a place available for everyone, including romantic couples, friends, family, and children. If you are looking forward to spending some quality and romantic time with your loved one, then visiting Los Angeles can be a good choice. 

Similarly, if you are living in the same locality and not aware of the exciting places available within Los Angeles then this article will be a perfect choice for you. Let us now take a look at the relaxing places near Los Angeles that you can visit with your loving person.

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Palm Springs 

Palm Springs is the best choice if you wish to have weekend getaways from Los Angeles for families.


Located at a distance of a hundred miles away from Los Angeles, Palm Springs has always been a popular dessert for more than a hundred years. 


Filled with a wide range of golf courses and resorts, this area can be a suitable option for visiting in winter. The region is also filled with a huge collection of mid-century modern buildings that are filled with architecture. If you are a lover of architecture and old collections, select a historical walking tour offered by the place to understand more about the building with the help of a guide. 

Similarly, if you love parties and fun-loving evenings, then visit palm springs during February to enjoy the modernism week filled with events and parties. The Art Museum located in Palm Springs has also been one of the famous locations filled with unique artworks. 

There is also a separate tramway that allows you to reach 8500 feet above the desert to reach a mountain-based setting filled with Pine trees and snow. This location can also be a change of scenery from the desert. You can enjoy your entire day in this location with beautiful restaurants and cafes located everywhere. You can walk around with your family and enjoy a week in Palm Springs.

Catalina Island 

If you are looking for the best romantic getaways on a budget near Los Angeles then Catalina Island is the best option. 


Located at nearly 26 miles away from the Los Angeles coast, Catalina Island is filled with many fun activities and resorts for romantic couples. 

All you need is a fun-filled 90-minute ferry ride to reach the location, and you are in a different world. 


One of the common areas of entertainment available on this Island includes sea kayaking. This can be a fun-filled activity for couples planning a Los Angeles honeymoon. There are also other water activities like fishing, watching whales and Sea Otters, and scuba diving. Each of these activities is adventure-filled, and through proper booking, you can visit any location as a part of your romantic couple’s activities

If you want to move away from the crowd and visit locations that offer a chance to enjoy yourself, Then visit the private beaches located in Downtown Avalon. If you are thinking about the things to do in Los Angeles at night, this Avalon region is also filled with a wide range of clubs and cafes for a wild night party.

Laguna beach 

Laguna Beach is the perfect getaway in Los Angeles for a person who loves nature and beaches. 


Located nearly an hour away from Los Angeles city, this beach is the perfect location for weekend getaways in Southern California for couples. All you need is a perfect travel arrangement to visit this region filled with colorful art and an outdoor lifestyle. 


Along with the beautiful art galleries and serene oceans, this beach is well known for the annual pageant conducted by art experts every year. This festival is filled with various art pieces, body painting, 3D art, and stage performances. Even if you are not a fan of the art, there are multiple romantic ideas for couples within this location. Along with the luxurious locations, there are also multiple goals courses that you can look at and visit during the daytime. 

Mammoth lakes 

If you are looking for a perfect weekend getaway in and around LA, these lakes are a suitable choice with fun-filled romantic activities available within them. In addition, this place is filled with beautiful lakes and a natural environment.


Located on the Eastern side of the Sierra Nevada mountains, it has multiple lifts and a terrain park. So for mountain getaways near Los Angeles, this location can be a good option. 


This place will allow you to perform various Mountain activities, including camping, biking, sports, and hiking. It is located at a distance of just 5 hours from Los Angeles. So if you want to reach this place, you can go to the airport or drive a long car. With a good car and packed food, you can reach the location within half a day. You can also visit the Manzanar National historic site, which was used to destroy the Japanese Americans during World War 2.


If you are looking for inexpensive weekend getaways in Southern California that offer you proper space and enjoyment, then venturer is the best option. 


Located at an hour’s distance from Los Angeles, this region is filled with unique architectural buildings from 1920. 


Despite the area being small, the crowd is less, and it offers a perfect Getaway for the couples to enjoy romantic activities without any interruption. Along with the harbor and boat trip to uninhabited Islands of the channel islands National Park they also offer various other sightseeing options. This is a Low-key beach filled with fun activities and comfortable resorts that offers a homely feel while visiting them. 

Night tour 

If you want to know romantic things to do in Los Angeles, you can choose the night tour option that allows you to experience sightseeing and party at night. 


So either as a family or other romantic couple, you can choose the night bus tours that provide you a chance to view the beautiful lights of Los Angeles along with clubs. So if you are a person who loves to experience things at night, then this sightseeing tour can be a perfect romantic idea for couples. Some of these nights to use also involve showing you the best restaurants in the city that you can dine with your romantic partner. So taking a look at Los Angeles in a high rooftop restaurant with your better half will be the best romantic diary that you will remember for your life.

The clubs in Los Angeles are fun, and if you feel you cannot enjoy the club during the night bus trip, you can always fix a particular day for clubs and games. 

Universal studios

If you are looking for a fun-filled activity in Los Angeles, then Universal Studios theme park is the best spot. It is one of the best things to do in Los Angeles with family


Universal Studios is located in the Universal City Plaza near the San Fernando Valley area of Los Angeles county.


The interior studio is filled with roller coaster rides and movie theatres that can provide a unique experience on your trip. Some of the best sites available within the studio include Harry Potter, The Walking Dead, The Simpsons, and Transformers. They also offer behind-the-scenes access for some tourists. 

Along with the rise and enjoyment, it also offers a city walk. You can walk around for three blocks of shops for shopping, entertainment, dining, and theatres. If you can manage to get a VIP pass, then the options will be wider. In addition, you will have the ability to take a look at certain sets that are not open to the general public. 

Paso Robles

If you are looking for a day filled with beautiful plants and exotic wines, then the Paso Robles are the best locations. 


Located at a distance of 219 miles away from the city, this winery can be reached in 3 hours. 


This can be a suitable romantic location for the couples to visit and enjoy their entire day drinking exotic wines and learning how they are prepared. This entire area contains nearly 200 wineries, and hence you have a lot of space to cover. In addition, the entire area was filled with multiple hotels that allowed you to enjoy a night with smores and services in the courtyard. 

Some of the well-known wineries available in this region include L’ Aventures and Tablas Creek Vineyard. As an extra tour trip, you can also visit the Kiler ridge Olive farm. Visiting a winery is one of the romantic things to do in Los Angeles for most honeymoon couples.

Griffith Park 

If you have been looking for things to do for your honeymoon in Los Angeles, then Griffith Park might be a suitable location. 


The Park is located on the Eastern side of the Santa Monica mountains covering an area of 4210 acres. It is one of the largest state parks within the California region. 


If you are planning to visit Griffith park,ParkPark then schedule an entire day for it as it is filled with Los Angeles zoo, observatory, planetarium, theatre, and sports Arena. You can also enjoy the hiking trail along with golf courses and tennis courts. It contains a high-quality Zeiss telescope used for taking a look at the Moon and the planets. 

The planetarium is beautiful and suitable for kids and adults. It is always a good time to view stars and enjoy the beauty of the Moon. The entire Park was named after Griffith J. Griffith since he donated the land in 1896 for the observatory. 


If you are searching for things to do for couples in Los Angeles, then Disneyland can be one of the best choices. Disneyland is a location for children. But once you visit the area, you will understand that it is for people who love to have fun and forget their stressful life. 


Disneyland is located just outside Los Angeles with a distance of nearly 26 miles which is less than half an hour’s travel. There are also trains available for Disneyland from Los Angeles. So you can choose an option to visit the unique site that has attracted people of all ages.


This is a must-visit location for all the people regardless of them being a couple or not. Despite the multiple romantic locations available in Los Angeles, this park will bring out the goofy side of you. It has been one of the favorite picnic spots for most people living in Los Angeles from the year 1950. 

There are a variety of themes available, and this Adventure Park is filled with rides that are cleaned based upon the favorite Disney movies and characters. Once you enter the Disneyland Resort, you can book your stay there and enjoy all kinds of entertainment options fit for a good vacation. A single day will never be enough to complete your Getaway in Disneyland. 

Wrapping up:

Visiting all these locations can be pretty overwhelming for the honeymoon couple. So if you are planning to have a romantic getaway, then visit Los Angeles to experience either one of these options. This is because most of these locations have a separate set of activities that will take days for you to complete the sightseeing. 

The accommodations, transportations and other advantages like hotels are present in these areas itself making it a suitable vacation trip. If you live in Los Angeles and need to visit any of these places for a day trip, they will also be suitable for you. Romantic couples can pre-book their trip to avoid unnecessary queries and issues. Visit one of the best relaxing places for a Los Angeles honeymoon and enjoy your vacation.