A Guide To Avoid Orange Hair With Henna

How to avoid orange hair with henna?

  1. Soak your henna overnight with something acidic that will facilitate the maximum dye release.
  2. Mix a little indigo to your henna – this proves to be the most effective way for lightening your hair.
  3. Use the right herbal hair color – this is very important as it is a matter of your hair.
  4. Use amla, walnut powder – these are the herbs that you can use while mixing your henna.
  5. Regularly washing hair – with every wash, your henna leaves the color, and you go back to your original hair.
  6. Mix your henna with tea or coffee.

But exceptions are everywhere. Not all henna and the herbs which we mix with henna dye your hair. Some may give you ash or a dusty blond.

Be cautious while putting henna on. It not only color your hair but also color your hands and every part of the skin on which Henna is applied.

From the very first day of applying Henna the main concern of women is always how to avoid orange hair with henna? No doubt, it helps in preventing greying but too much orange also does not look good.

But only natural henna gives you the orange-reddish color. The other one, the black henna, is completely a dye and gives your hair black color. But it is more harmful than natural henna as black henna has so many chemicals.

Henna is not a permanent thing, it can only color your hair for 4-6 weeks maximum, and then you have to re-apply it. If you want something permanent, just go for it.

Things to keep in mind while purchasing henna to avoid orange hair –

  1. Buy good quality henna
  2. Mix it overnight in an iron utensil
  3. Mix herbs so that they can neutralize the effect of henna. 

No doubt henna makes your hair beautiful and has so many benefits but has so many consequences also.

Benefits of henna –

  1. Henna makes your hair beautiful.
  2. Henna prevents greying without damaging your hair.
  3. Henna is used as an alternative for dying and coloring.
  4. Some henna already has some natural herbs in it.

Consequences of henna –

  1. It does color your hair orange.
  2. It sometimes makes your hair dry, etc., etc. But if used in the right way, it can enhance your look and make your hair look healthy and beautiful.
  3. It can be possible that it may not suit you.
  4. It can color every body part on which henna is applied.

People sometimes use lemon juice in henna in an excessive amount which is not good for your hair. This is because lemon contains acid, which helps in oxidizing henna. Otherwise,, lemon makes your hair and the scalp extremely dry and rough.

Henna is a natural dye that does not cause much harm as compared to black henna. Black henna has very toxic chemicals and is also very dark in color.

In the end, it is your hair. You should only apply things that suit you and not the things which look fancy to you.