MN Is What State Abbreviation?

MN is what state abbreviation? Is there a state with the name MN? Where is this MN state? Is MN a state? Which country does this MN actually belong to? Read this blog to get the answers to the queries that you have.

In this whole world countries, states have their abbreviation. The abbreviation is the short form for the particular country and the state. 

MN is the abbreviation of Minnesota. Minnesota means cloudy water or sky-tinted water. Minnesota is a midwestern state in the US. It borders Canada and Lake Superior. Lake Superior is the largest of the great lakes. The capital of the state is Saint Paul.

Interesting facts about Minnesota 

  • It has a natural and cultural beauty.
  • It has various heritage sites, museums, and celebrates heritage festivals.
  • The nickname of Minnesota are – the north star state, the gopher state
  • Agriculture, mining, fishing, etc., are the major industries.
  • The state abbreviation is MN
  • The highest point of the state – eagle mountain (2301 ft )
  • It has a total of 87 countries
  • Home to the twin cities – saint paul and Minneapolis

About the twin cities 

  1. Saint Paul – is the state capital of Minnesota. It is a twin city of Minneapolis. It is famous for its science museum, where they have the remains of dinosaurs and various fossils. 


  1. Minneapolis – is the major city of Minnesota. It is bisected by the Mississippi River. The state is known for its lakes and parks. 


Geography of Minnesota 

Minnesota is also known as the land of 10,000 lakes. It is in the northern part. It is the 12th largest state. In the east, it is bordered by Wisconsin. In the west, by South Dakota and North Dakota, and in the south by the state of Lowa. It is along with Canada and us. It has 87 countries. It has forests such as pine island, foothills state forest, etc.

History of Minnesota 

The name Minnesota is derived from the Dakota language. French explorers and missionaries were the first to enter the state. It is ranked the best state in terms of, employment, housing, income, and all other facilities. It has the most population of Somali Americans and the second largest population of Hmong Americans. It became the center of technology after world war 2

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

  1. Where is Minnesota situated?
  • It is in America.
  1. Is it a friendly state?
  • Yes, it ranks as the friendly state in the county.

      3.What is the coldest month of Minnesota?

  • January 

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Minnesota is one of the best places to live in the US. It has all the facilities which make it the best place to live. It has a good school, great teachers, excellent employment, housing, etc.