Trimesters Of Pregnancy

The third trimester starts in week 29 of pregnancy and ends when you give birth. In general, it begins in the 7th month of pregnancy.

Baby growth :

What is the first trimester:

The first trimester starts from week 1 to week 13, in which the baby starts to grow into an embryo. And starts to grow hair and nails and bones start to develop. In this period only the baby starts to develop a sense of touch and starts to produce white blood cells, which help to fight any bacteria and foreign bodies.

What is the second trimester:

This period is from week 14 to week 28. In this period, the baby’s fingerprints become clear, bones start to form, and some actions also occur. The baby starts to move and starts to kick in the belly of the mother. The nervous system also starts to function in this period.

The muscles also start to grow in this period. The sex of the baby will be visible in the ultrasound test in this period. The baby’s skin will be transparent, and the veins carrying blood will be visible through translucent skin. 

Now let’s see “what is the third trimester?”

What is the third trimester:

The third trimester is the period between week 29 through the delivery of the baby. In this trimester, very crucial things happen for the growth of the baby. Your baby will grow to full size in this trimester only and become 6 to 9 pounds in weight. So for a mother, it will require more energy to do daily work.

In this period, the baby’s bones become denser. The brain starts to grow more in this period than in the other periods. In this period, the baby starts to test his breathing ability in the womb. The baby starts to open its eyes partially, and babies start to drink some amniotic sac.

Things to do:

It is very important to take care of yourself and the baby you are carrying with you. It will be your best day when you see his face after carrying him for nine months in your belly. So in order to make the baby and yourself healthy, the mother should take proper diet and take proper medicines.

As the baby starts to grow faster during this period, more amount of proteins, nutrients, and calcium will be required. So you need to consult the best doctor to know the growth of the baby. It is very important to take a sufficient amount of food even if you feel uneasy.

Mothers need to do exercises and prepare mentally for labour pains and delivery.

Consulting doctor:

Consulting the best doctor is very important for any mother to give delivery. The mother should tell her conditions to the doctor regularly. The mother should also tell doctors about any sensations in the womb and any changes in the body. Scanning and testing should be done at regular intervals to know the position and health conditions of the child.

“Giving birth is the world’s hardest job done with joy by the only person known as Mother.”