Mega Million Making Millionaires

Mega million days are Tuesday and Friday of every week at 10.00 pm central time. To know what is the Mega million days, first, let us see what is Mega million.

Mega million :

Mega Million is a lottery game. It is played by many people all over America. This game was first created by  Bill Martin and Desiree Rogers as The Big Game. At first, the big game was drawn on Friday. Then, after some years, it was renamed Mega million.

How to play :

There are simply two ways you can play this game. The first trick is to buy an easy pick ticket. In this trick, the machine itself assigns the numbers randomly.

The other way is to buy a ticket for the Mega Million lotteries and fill it with your own numbers. Many players who won the lottery do this process only. They study the strategy of the ticket and crack it by their own techniques and fill it. By doing this, they can get the jackpot easily.

How to fill the ticket:

First, you need to choose five random numbers and tick them on the ticket. These numbers can be picked randomly, or if you want, you can use your brain to think of some strategies and then fill them. After this, you need to choose a Mega ball number from 1 to 25 numbers.

Megaplier :

a Megaplier is an option worth approximately $1. It is the best option to choose for the people who did not get the jackpot. Using this option can increase your reward by multiplying it by 2 or 3 or 4 or 5.


In this game, you can win jackpots worth millions. To play this game, all you need to do is to buy a ticket worth $2. The next step is to have knowledge and strategy to find the jackpot number to claim the jackpot reward. For example, if you match all five numbers without a big ball number, you can also win 1 million $. And in the same way, you can win cash if four numbers and a big ball number match.

What day is mega millions drawn:

After knowing about The Mega million lotteries, the main question that came into your mind is, “what day is mega millions drawn?”. The answer is Tuesday and Friday of every week. The lottery is drawn at 10:00 pm central time, as said earlier. If you are new to this and want to buy a ticket, you must be careful while buying it.

Risk involved:

There are many risks involved in the lotteries if you do not know the proper strategy to play them. The first thing is that you will earn easy money and become lazy and may face financial loss. If you are poor and do not have money to eat, then you must not enter into these games and spoil your money.

So think before you enter any lottery schemes and then take your step towards it or away from it.