Interesting Facts About Electricity

Have you ever thought about what our life would have been like if there was no electricity? Who was the man behind the concept of electricity? How people lived a life without charging their phones Or watching TV? Hold onto your thoughts because this article has all the answers to the questions you got.

Electricity is the concept of its presence and flow of electric charge through which we do our daily chores by the conversation of energy. Humans know how to use something, and with nature and the human mind combined, we got electricity which is a win-win situation for us. 

Now, can we imagine a time without electricity? No, I know I cannot. From waking up with the alarm set in cell phones which can only be charged through electricity, or taking out milk from the fridge, or turning on the geyser for taking a hot bath or making food on the induction when the gas cylinder is empty, it would be only fair to say that everything around us is run by the derivation named electricity. 

What are the Interesting facts about electricity? 

  • Only a solitary spark of static electricity can estimate upto more than 2,900 volts.
  • Electricity runs at the speed of light. 
  • You will be surprised to realize that electricity also influences a significant function in the manner Hogwarts processes. 
  • We all see a bird sitting on an electric power line every day, and we worry about the bird but don’t worry because as long as a bird is sitting in a line, it won’t result in electrocution. 
  • Also, it is an interesting fact that a solitary padlock of lightning can calculate up to more than 2.5 million (volts).

  • Many people think that Benjamin Franklin was the person behind the discovery of electricity which is not true. He was the person who said that lightning was a form of electricity that is also the main discovery. 
  • People are crazy about cars, especially the new generation. So, you will find it amusing that the first-ever car that runs by electricity was built in the 19th century. The man behind this amazing invention was William Morrison, who was a famous American inventor.
  • We all know the benefits of coal, but did you know this interesting characteristic that coal is considered the biggest derivation of electricity.
  • Have you heard of the animal electric eels? They are an amazing discovery for electricity as they are said to produce electric shocks of about five hundred volts, and this is such an amazing fact.
  • Have you ever got an electric shock? Well, you will be quite amazed to know that the reason behind this is your body. It is considered a reasonable conductor of electricity.
  • We all talk about the facts of electricity, but no one knows where this word was suggested? It was none other than the mastermind of William Gilbert. It was during the 1600 AD. 

  • When there is a flow of electric charge in the atmosphere, it is referred to as lightning.
  • You might have heard about the terms static energy and current energy. What you may not know is that static energy is something that is produced in a similar area. In contrast, the energy that drifts from one location to another is known as current electricity. 

What makes electricity so interesting?

It is an undeniable fact that electricity has made our life certainly extraordinary. When we go into our gallery, we see numerous wires outside our home. There is electricity running inside of them. 

What makes electricity amazing is that it can be adapted into any energy type without causing any harm to any substance. What is more interesting is the fact that it can be easily formulated in the home also. 

Bulbs are accessible in every house around the intersections of the world. You don’t know that bulbs use most of the electrical energy to induce warmth in them. 

Some more interesting facts on electricity 

The source of  Electricity has helped us to accomplish our chores easily. So, if you think that interesting facts about electricity are only about 20 points, you are mistaken.

  • Ac which stands for alternating current, is used in our rooms to run various electric equipment. 
  • The breeze is an energy that is also used to reproduce a good percentage of electricity.
  • Have you heard of the place Ethiopian? If not, you will be amazed to know the story about electricity there. 
  • An interesting part of knowing is that solar power is also used to reproduce electricity. 
  • It is also quite amazing that around 50% of the energy is used in giving rise to electricity all around the nation. 
  • If you use LED lights than normal lights, you may save a lot of energy and fortune.
  • One more fact that will make you stunned is that even our physiques consist of electric energy.
  • You may have heard of the popular name Thomas Edison. He was the first person to own a power plant. It’s amazing what so many amazing, intelligent minds can do together.

  • An interesting fact also consists of a fact that even when the devices of the home and office are switch off, they still use energy. 
  • You will be surprised to know that in a particular country, electric energy is used to charge more than a billion mobiles. Because I charge my phone three times a day, I think I can easily believe it.
  • The last but the most interesting fact is that in a country, even an edible product like cheese is used to bring in electricity.


What is making a machine work so easily is the blessing of none other than electricity. Using it a lot may cost you, but you cannot deny that it is one of the most interesting sources of nature put together by different inventors and scientists. It is one of the best sources of energy that doesn’t require that much hard work or. I hope this article may have provided you with all the interesting facts that you needed to know. And I hope this will be helpful to you.

Thank you.