How Many NT Books Are There?

The holy bible is the text that restores us with all the positivity in our existence. If you are an interested person to know about nt and how many nt books there are, then grab your seat for a good article treat. This article will provide you with all the information.

How many NT books are there?

The answer is that there are about twenty-seven NT books. The nt here stands for new testament. These new testaments are said to be written in Greek for a maximum of the portions. These scriptures contain gospels ; 

Mathew, Mark, Luke, and John. 

The Holy Bible consists of sixty-six little books. The Bible also means little books.

There are old testament books that consist of thirty-nine books. A man distributed the texts into chapters and verses, but when people look at the scriptures, there are virtually the old and the new testament. The modern testament comprises the four Canonical gospels, Acts of the Apostles, Twenty one Epistles or letters, and the Book of Revelation.

The new testament demonstrates the win of Jesus over Satan, and no matter what happens, it’s going to be alright because we have already won due to the victory Christ gave us at Calvary. The new testament is also said to guide us through our existence today in this modern era. It is all about the tales of the life of Jesus and also the earlier days of Christianity.

It is also intriguing that the old Bible consisted of  73 little books, which were removed and now makes a total of 66 but, no matter what bible you choose, The original or the Luther, the new testament books are 27 in number in both of them.

Some things you should know about the new testament.

  • Matthew was the gospel written to describe Jesus to the Jews.
  •  Mark is known as the gospel to the Romans and Luke to the Gentiles.
  •  John is written to indicate that Jesus was God in man and a book that points to his life and blessings that confirm who he was.


In summary, there are 27 new testament books in total. You can choose any Bible you want from the original or Luther; there will still be twenty-seven books in both. This testament holds a very pure, spiritual, and religious value for Christians. I hope this article will provide you with every answer and I hope this will be helpful to you.

Thank you.