Interesting Facts About Credit Card

In this new world of new hopes, new days and new inventions every day, you don’t really need to have cash in your pocket in order to pay. You just need to have a credit card to pay all the expenses of your clothing brands or CD’s of die hard. 

If someone says credit cards are the new way of living, believe them, because paying cash from your pocket is really outdated in this generation. 

What is a credit card? If you don’t have an answer to this, then maybe you are living in an old age because credit cards are just everywhere. It’s crazy how popular they are around the world. From merchants to shopkeepers to online stores, everyone owns a credit card. This might be too much but I feel credit cards act like a Ginnie. 

If reading this is making you more curious to know more about credit cards or you are someone who likes to have knowledge about such things, then this is the article made only for you. 

Interesting points about credit cards I bet you had no idea about. 

No one can have knowledge about just everything right? As interesting as the concept of credit card sounds, it’s interesting points are something that you wouldn’t like to miss.

They are given below. 

  • The country where credit cards are the most used and most popular is none other than Australia. It is also interesting that almost everyone who is an adult in Australia owns a credit card. 
  • You can even go online in order to increase or decrease the limit of the credit cards. You can easily cancel them as well. Why is everything so easy online? 
  • This is an interesting point to know that in the nineteenth century, credit cards were basically designed as the card of loyalty. 
  • Also, the size of the credit card is similar in all countries of the world. 
  • Credit cards are said to be usually used for paying the expenses of business, marriages and obviously online shopping. 
  • By the year 2000, the credit card companies received billions worth of profit. 
  • Even when we talk about the visa logo, it depicts sky through the color blue and hills of California when it comes to the color gold. Isn’t it just amazing how even a color depicts something so beautiful? Ah, just like poetry. 
  • As it is written on the credit card about its expiration date, you will be shocked to know that this is not the case. It might be written, but you can continue to use them. 
  • In America, you will receive at least six calls from a credit card company. 

What makes credit cards so interesting and so amazing? 

I would say just everything. In simple terms, a credit card is a payment card through which a user can pay really easily. It is interesting that by using a credit card, you can earn cashback and many other offers. 

When using money to purchase something, we often forget about where we spent it, how we spent it, and it all leads to frustration but with a credit card, you can track all your purchases. It also helps by increasing the purchasing power. 

Some more interesting facts about credit cards:

Yes, there are more interesting facts about credit cards, and here I am, having no interesting facts about me. 

  • It is always interesting to find out where a thing was used for the first time. In the case of credit cards, they were used in restaurants in New York for the first time. 
  • The interest rates of a credit card vary from person to person. To get the best repayment option, and it is advised to go through various types of credit cards. 
  • There is also information that the first cardless transaction took place in a petrol station. 

  • What is more interesting is that the person responsible for creating credit cards thought that it would be just another trend or craze. He never really guessed that credit cards would become an essential thing to carry by everyone in the future. 
  • By adding the numbers on the credit card, you can easily find out if it is valid for real or not. 
  • Have you ever looked at the digits on credit cards and thought about what they mean? Well, the first two digits depict where the card was issued. For example, numbers four and five indicate the banking institution, numbers one and two indicate the airlines, etc. 
  • Also, the first-ever credit card for general purpose was sent through a mail. Although it is now illegal to send cards through mails. 
  • You don’t have to really sign on any papers in order to agree to the cardholder agreement. 
  • Farmers around the world started using credit cards during the nineteenth century. 
  • It is a fun fact that women who were single were not allowed to have credit cards until the end of the nineteenth century. 
  • In the whole world, while you are sitting and reading this article, more than ten thousand transactions are taking place every second. 

  • The first-ever  general cards were made out of paper. I mean, this is really amazing how far credit cards have come. 
  • In the 20th century ago billions of credit cards were sent to the U.S.
  • It is also considered illegal to ask someone about their personal information such as address etc to make a transaction. 


In summary, credit cards are the new way of living carried by almost every elder worldwide. Nobody thought that a small piece of paper or plastic would become indispensable to our life. I will highly recommend you to have a credit card if you don’t have one. Enjoy its benefits but stay far away from the credit card frauds happening around. I hope this article will be helpful to you. 

Thank you.