Interesting Facts About Bangkok

Who doesn’t like traveling to luxurious places? I certainly do. Enjoying the new tradition, new culture, and exploring new places has always been on my list. But, escaping is the only choice when you are bored with living the same life in the same city. 

And what’s better than a place like Bangkok. The city of Bangkok is enough to transform your boring, dull life into a new happy life. 

If you are a person who has planned to go on a trip but is not sure about the destination, or a person having doubts about visiting Bangkok, this is all you need to read. 

Bangkok is known as the capital of Thailand, which is a well-known fact. However, it is famous for its tourism. But why Bangkok? The answer is given below. 

Interesting facts about Bangkok you should know

Like every country, Bangkok has interesting facts that make it even more interesting. No city flaunts its beauty in a way Bangkok does. The city knows that it is beautiful, which makes it beautiful on a whole other level. Here are the interesting facts are given below. 

  • It is estimated that Bangkok is known for having the longest and the biggest city name globally. 
  • It is also interesting to know that a king is respected and his national anthem is being played before every important occasion. The reverence is high in Bangkok of the monarch. 

  • As liberal as Bangkok is, it is not shocking to find washrooms for the third gender there. They have washrooms for males, females, and the third gender, which every country should have. 
  • Bangkok is also known as the favorite spot for getting messages. So if you are thinking of settling in Bangkok, chances are you will not get stressed with all the world’s best massages. 
  • As highly luxurious as Bangkok life is, it is fascinating that 95% of millionaires live in Bangkok. 
  • A drink known by the name Red bull was also made in the beautiful city of Bangkok. 

What makes Bangkok interesting? 

Whenever people talk about the places they want to visit, Bangkok is always on the top.

If there is any place where you want to rock, the answer is one and only Bangkok. So, what is it about Bangkok that makes people go crazy for that place? It is because of all the interesting facts that Bangkok holds. 

Bangkok also consists of sky bars. Why does this name know them? Cause of the height at which they are placed. 

Bangkok might be a place for having fun by visiting several beautiful places, but it also holds religious and spiritual values. There are about 400 temples in Bangkok. I mean, I am feeling tired just hearing this. 

This is not all; Bangkok also has the largest market globally known as Chatuchak market, held on weekends. Bangkok is also known for having the largest Chinatown in the world. How is it possible to always be the world’s best? I have to learn this from Bangkok. 

Another interesting fact to know is that Bangkok is the hottest city in the world. And another fact is that Bangkok is hot all around the year. So, if you plan to visit a place in summer weather, Bangkok is the answer for you. 

Some interesting facts to know while visiting Bangkok:

Traveling in Bangkok can be hectic for first-time travelers. It’s better to be aware of all the interesting facts you need to know and care for. It’s better to know some Thai phrases as many people there don’t speak English. 

This is also interesting to know that you cannot sit next to a monk, especially a woman. The king or the Royal Family should never be disrespected in any situation in Bangkok by you or anyone. 

Just like in Japan, you should remove your shoes while entering someone’s house or temple. If you enter with shoes on, it is considered rude there. 

You should avoid the taxis that are parked already. Also, it’s interesting to know that if you attend temples in Bangkok by wearing shorts or short dresses, it will be considered a disrespect to cultural beliefs. 

Another interesting fact is that you can never step on Thai money as it consists of the image of their respected king.

As the Buddhist tradition is followed in many ways, you cannot touch a person’s head temple head is considered the body part that keeps us close to heaven. 

Some more interesting facts about the rocking Bangkok. 

If you visit Bangkok during April, you will come across a very interesting festival of Thai known as Songkran. Don’t miss out on the opportunity of celebrating it with others. 

We all know Bangkok but what is interesting to know is that its real Thai name is really long. It is known as Krung the maha nakoon. 

According to research, Bangkok is known to be visited by 14 million tourists every year. As in India, the Ganga river holds the utmost respect. Interestingly, the Chao river holds the same importance there. 

The Baiyoke hotel in Bangkok is really popular for its 83rd-floor sky bar, the largest one. 

With all the glitter and gold, Bangkok is also considered a congested city. 

If you are a foodie, then you don’t want to miss out on this point. Bangkok is also known for its street food. In addition, you will find food stalls all around the city. So, plan on going empty stomach while exploring the different places and enjoying the food you never had before. 


Bangkok is surely a place no less than a fairyland or, should I say, paradise. I hope this article may have provided you all the information you need to have about Bangkok. I will highly recommend visiting Bangkok at least once because who wants to miss out on a paradise? Not you, not me. I hope reading this will be helpful for you. 

Thank you