How To Clean A Swarovski Ring?

Have a Swarovski ring at home but don’t know how to clean it? Confused about what to use to clean a Swarovski ring? Things you should avoid while cleaning a Swarovski ring. Precautions to take so your ring doesn’t get dirty easily.

Normally Swarovski rings are made up of shiny crystals and stones; for some time, these rings may get dirty because of dirt, pollution, and many other things. You can clean these rings with a simple cloth. A maximum of 2-3 minutes will be required, and your ring will get perfectly cleaned. 

When you start wearing a new Swarovski ring, it shines bright, but after some days, it does not seem that shiny? This is because now your Swarovski ring is dirty, and it needs to be cleaned. Some people panic while watching their dirty ring, thinking that they will not be able to wear it again. But you do not have to worry about it because how to clean a Swarovski ring is not a big problem.

There are some ways by which you can clean your Swarovski ring. These ways are effective and give your ring a clean look.

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Ways To Clean Your Swarovski Ring

  1. To begin with, take out all your rings which you have to clean. 
  2. Lay them on a hard surface.
  3. Clean one ring at a time.
  4. Take your ring in one hand and take a soft cloth or a jewelry cloth in the other hand. 
  5. Now wipe every nook and corner of your ring with the cloth. 
  6. Rub it so that all the dirt comes out of the ring.
  7. Repeat the same procedure with every Swarovski ring you have.

And by these simple steps, your Swarovski ring is now as shiny as a new one. So how do you admit that cleaning a Swarovski ring is no problem?

Things To Avoid While Cleaning A Swarovski Ring

But there are also some things which you must avoid while cleaning a Swarovski ring, and those things are as follows:

  1. Do not clean the ring with a microfibre cloth because using a microfibre cloth will create more scratches on your ring.
  2. Do not clean your ring with a liquid cleaner or a detergent because using that will fade away the shine of your crystal or stone.
  3. Do not use a brush while cleaning a ring.
  4. Do not apply much pressure while cleaning your Swarovski ring because your ring may get damaged. Or even worse, it can break.
  5. Do not keep your ring in direct sunlight to dry because that can deform the shape of your ring.
  6. Do not wash it under running water; try to save your ring from water. 

Things You Should Not Do So That Your Ring Does Not Get Dirty That Often

As the saying goes, “precaution is better than cure.” There are also some things which you should do so that your ring does not get dirty that often; these things are as follows:

  1. Do not keep your rings in a plastic bag; always keep them in their cases or a soft cloth.
  2. Do not let your rings get in direct contact with deodorant, hand cream, lotion, and perfumes because that will make your rings go black.
  3. Do not change while wearing your ring because your ring can get tangled in your clothes, and that will add scratches to your ring.
  4. Always wear your ring in the end after getting ready.
  5. Do not keep your Swarovski in hot weather because excess heat can damage the ring. 
  6. Always keep it properly on any surface, do not throw it here and there because you will be investing in a new Ring very soon. 


So, the above were how you could clean your rings and save your rings from getting damaged. Also, the things you need to avoid while cleaning your Swarovski ring are mentioned above so that you don’t make a mistake next time you clean your Swarovski ring. 

Swarovski rings are made up of fine crystals and stones, and there is also a polish above them. When you wear your ring every day, you will get some scratches and dirt on them by some months. If you do not clean them at the right time, they will lose their polish and uniqueness. 

So you have to clean them before it is too late. Trust me! It will be worth cleaning your ring because when you clean your ring, you will get the uniqueness of your ring back; it will keep shining bright for the years to come. It is just a matter of a couple of minutes to clean all your Swarovski rings at once. It will barely take any time, and the results will be awesome.