How To Clean Ignition Lock Cylinder?

Are you in search of how to clean the ignition lock cylinder? Then, you are in the correct place. In this blog, you will get all the techniques step by step to clean the ignition lock cylinder easily and effortlessly to make your ignition lock cylinder work again.

We all know it’s frustrating to get our key stuck in the ignition lock, or the ignition lock cylinder may become hard. It’s a sign that you need to clean your ignition or replace it now to make it work again. There are few reasons it may stop working, like rust, absence of lubrication, and another mechanical failure.

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What Tools do You Need to Clean It?

It is tiring to look for an exact answer about how to clean an ignition lock cylinder. Still, it is very easy to do the procedure if you follow this blog.

You will need the below things to make it work the cleaning procedure.

  • Lubricant
  • Compressed air
  • Rust remover spray (not necessary)

Cleaning The Key

First of all, check that if the key is cracked or not. Twisted, broken, or rusty keys can cause massive problems. In addition, there are lots of issues that occur related to the ignition lock cylinder. Still, actual preambles were rectified as the key was not in good shape.

So, if you found that key is bent, rusty, cracked, or worn out, you should try to correct it. You can make a duplicate key instead to solve problems at once. Also, you can purchase a genuine ignition key cylinder after doing all the procedures below.

Let’s look at the Ignition cylinder that is causing starting problems with the vehicle.

Finding And Fixing Issues with Ignition Cylinder

Using Compressed Air to Clean Ignition Port

If the ignition cylinder is dirty, the key may not turn appropriately into the pin and rotate. Buy a can of air at a store or office and insert a straw into the keyhole directly through the entrance. Continue to pour compressed air into the main pot for a short period of time. A few quick sprays are needed to remove all the dirt.

Do not put the whole pressurized can in the keyhole. Extreme cold can damage the ignition cylinder. It is also good to wear protection before using pressurized air to clean the keyhole.

Use Electrical Cleaner to Clean Ignition Port

Electrical cleaner sometimes comes in handy in these types of words. For example, if the ignition cylinder is wholly blocked, you can try a small amount of spray in the ignition keyhole. The cleaner may lubricate it and can free it.

It’s good to not spray too much on it. Now try to insert the key and gently pull it out. Do that for some time to make the lubricant work. It will work for most people. But it’s good advice that changes the ignition cylinder as soon as possible to strict out problems.

Using A Lubricant to Clean Out Ignition Cylinder

There are lots of lubricants in the market for these types of jobs, like lubricating things. Always buy a good lubricant that is made of all kinds of environments. Because, in a cold climate, they can freeze too and can cause worse problems.

Apply lubricant on the key, put the key inside the ignition lock, and pull out the key. Now push the key back and forth for some time. If you have nuzzled lubricant, you can put a nozzle inside the keyhole put lubricant into it. Also, try not to put more lubricant inside it. It may solve your problem.

Use Rust Remover Spray to Clean Ignition Lock Cylinder

It’s possible that the ignition cylinder can get rusty from inside. We can’t see what’s happening inside it. So, if you think that it got rust, then you can use rust remover spray. Gently spray a tiny amount of rust, remove it into the ignition keyhole and take some rest. Now put the key again inside it and do a little wiggle.

It’s done now. Now see that if the ignition key is currently freely working or not. You can also apply lubricant after using spray so it will never get rusty in the future. Always use oil to make it smoothly work. There is a special grease for ignition lock cylinder is also helpful. It also protects from rust and other wear and tears parts.

Replace Ignition Cylinder

It is always a good idea to replace it with a new one. If you are tired of repairing the same ignition cylinder for lots of time, the ignition cylinder may be worn out. So, it’s good to replace it. Always go for a top and reliable brand for purchasing an ignition lock cylinder or buy a stock one. Cheap ones come in handy but cannot run long.