When does Yellowstone season 4 start?

Buckle up your seatbelt for Yellowstone season 4!

Do you want to know when does Yellowstone season 4 starts? Are you curious to know the answer to your question, then stay tuned and read the whole blog to get your answer?

When does Yellowstone season 4 start? Yellowstone season 4 starts on November 7th, and there will be a two-hour special premiere event for all the Yellowstone fans who were waiting for the new season to come out!

The story revolving around the protagonist John Dutton and his family has finally returned and will continue baffling the minds of millions of fans around the world!

The first season of Yellowstone aired on June 20th, 2018. Fans have been looking forward to discovering more about the Dutton family, and there is indeed a lot to unveil in this season. It has also been known that Paramount+ will come up with two brand new shows, which will be a continuation with this show, a prequel and a spinoff.

In this article, you will learn about all the information regarding the brand new season of Yellowstone – cast, release date, where to watch the older seasons and will this season be the last season? So, make sure to read it till the end!

The Infamous Cast Of Yellowstone Season 4:

Your very own Kevin Costner will be playing the role of the protagonist John Dutton who is a father, family man and the owner of the famous Yellowstone or the Dutton ranch in this season as well. Luke Grimes will continue playing the role of Dutton’s son Kayce Dutton who has been shown as an ex-US Navy SEAL.

The same goes for Kelly Reilly, who plays the role of the daughter Beth Dutton who was a financier by profession. There is also Wes Bently as one of the leading cast members who play the other son of Dutton, Jamie Dutton, who is an attorney by profession and who is yearning to become a politician. The other cast members include:

Cole Hauser:

Plays the role of Beth’s lover and the superintendent of the ranch Rip Wheeler.

Kelsey Asbille:

The American wife of Kayce, Monica Long Dutton.

Brecken Merrill

The son of Kayce and Monica Tate Dutton.

Gil Birmingham:

The chief of the American tribe is Thomas Rainwater.

Ian Bohen, Jefferson White, Denim Richards and Forrie J. Smith:

Playing the roles of Ryan, Jimmy Hurdstorm, Colby and Lloyd Pierce, respectively, who are all ranch hands.

New cast members that will appear in this season:

  • Jacki Weaver – He will play the character of Caroline Warner, who is against the protagonist and is the CEO of Market Equities.
  • Piper Perabo – Will play the character of Covert Affairs.
  • Kathryn Kelly as Nashville.
  • Finn Little.

Release Date And Trailer:

Although Paramount had kept the fans waiting, they had promised an outstanding season of Yellowstone. So the answer to the question of millions of fans “when will Yellowstone season 4 start?” is finally here! After a long wait, they will release two episodes of the new season on the 7th of November. The big surprise by Paramount was that they officially announced that two new shows, a prequel and a spinoff called 1883 and Mayor of Kingstown, would be released on the Paramount+ platform. You can watch the trailer here.

Where To Watch All The Seasons Of Yellowstone?

Yellowstone is available on Amazon Prime and Peacock. You can even stream it on YouTube, but you will not get it for free. It is not available on Vulu and Netflix.

Will There Be Next Season Of Yellowstone?

Paramount has yet to confirm if there will be a season 5 of Yellowstone. It will, of course, depend on the popularity and rating of the audience members. The Yellowstone universe is expanding with its new shows, but no new season is confirmed yet!