What does wdyl mean?

Ways To Ask “What Do You Love” To Your Crush

What does wdyl mean? Wdyl is an abbreviation for ‘what do you love”. This phrase is one of the most widely used internet slang used by the present day millennials or the gen-z. The kids of the 21st century type in “wdyl” in text messages when they want to find out about the things that the person they are interested in likes.

Wdyl may range from learning about the kind of food that a particular person loves or the genre of movies that a person loves. It may also be about the kind of clothing a person loves. If you are interested in a person and want to know about how you can utilise this abbreviation “wdyl”, continue reading this article to gain insights!

Here are some of the ways in which you can ask your crush wdyl:

“Wdyl regarding food? What is your preference?”

Asking your crush about his/her food preference is one of the classic ways not only to get to know the person but also gives you a clear understanding of how to prepare for your date night. This can also help you escape the small talks and have a solid discussion regarding the different preferences the person will mention about.

Food will bring in the discussion about the kind of restaurant that the person likes to eat in. So, always focus on the things the person says and try to remember them so that you can consider them later on.

“Wdyl when it comes to movies and shows? Which genre excites you the most?”

Ask this question and watch the person slowly falling in love with you! When you show genuine interest in the person’s likes and dislikes, they will automatically think that you are very much invested in them. After knowing the preference, you can ask out the person for a movie date, which is actually one of the most romantic date ideas ever!

You can talk about your favourite TV show and allow them to have a sneak peak into your preferences as well. Give your movie/show suggestions to them as well. It should be from both sides, remember!

“Wdyl to do in your spare time? What are your hobbies?”

Asking about a person’s hobbies and how they spend their spare time is a very intimate thing to do. It gives you an insight on a person’s personal life. Knowing about someone’s hobbies allows you to get closer to your love interest.

In fact, you can even suggest doing a particular hobby together. It can be gardening or painting or cooking or even reading a book. It is one of the most beautiful and cute ways to spend time together!

“Wdyl about your life?”

It is a very simple yet very deep question to ask somebody. You can get to know a lot about a person when you ask this particular question. You will get to know about their outlook towards life and also about their mental health.

The answer to this question can range from stating the little things that a person does in their daily life or it may be even deeper. The conversation might turn into a philosophical one!

The End:

There are so many ways in which you can ask your love interest what they love. What is the meaning of wdyl? This small word WDYL can open the doorway to a person’s life and heart as well. You can be extra romantic and send your loved one songs on wdyl like. You can even ask your significant one about the genre of music that they are into after sending the person the hyperline mentioned above!