What does furloughed mean?

The Word “Furlough” Has Flourished Especially During the Covid-19 Outbreak

What does furloughed mean? The definition of furloughed is when an employee of a particular company has to leave temporarily but involuntarily due to economic reasons of a company or even for the economy of the entire country. It is unpaid leave, and the employee is not allowed to join until further notice.

This word is actually used for soldiers and prisoners, and the meaning comes out as “leave of absence”. The coronavirus pandemic had put a temporary pause on the earth in the year 2020. Everything came to a standstill, including the companies and businesses. The companies had no other option other than to grant furlough to the employees.

So many people were jobless in the first lockdown. It was very difficult for them to search for another temporary job during the furlough period. In fact, according to the statistics, there are more than 5000% google searches of the word “furlough” in the first month of the pandemic. Before this lockdown, maximum people, especially the employees, did not know the meaning of this word.


Furlough had minimal to extreme side effects on both the economy of the country as well as the financial status of the employees. Here are some of the outcomes of the furlough during the first lockdown of coronavirus outbreak:

First, the Fraud Companies Experienced A Massive Boost:

The people who were furloughed were facing a massive economic crisis. This led to desperation to earn money. While they were hurriedly looking for temporary jobs while waiting for the companies to call them back, the fraud companies entered the show.

There were thousands of reports of several fraud companies who stole innocent money from the people who were desperate to earn a few bucks for a sustainable livelihood. The irony is that even the fraud companies do this because they are desperate to earn a proper livelihood.

Salary Cut Off:

Even if the people were called back from the furlough period, their salary was cut down to a large extent. The employees had to work extra to compensate for the period of absence but at a much lower price rate. A maximum of the corporate companies did this, which left the employees frustrated and ravenous for money.

Competition Increase In The Market:

The competition increased both between the employees of the same company and between companies of a similar niche. The employees inside a particular company had to fight for their position and had to compromise and nod to every requirement by the boss even if it was not possible. Why so? Just to keep their position and earn the minimum wage that was given to them.

The companies had to fight to sustain amidst the global pandemic and keep their business up and running. It all boiled down to the quality of service that a particular company could offer to the clients.

Increase In Workload Led To Fatigue:

During such a deadly time, the employees of a company were overworked due to the pressure and high competition in the market. This led to both physical and mental fatigue and welcomed several physical and mental illnesses. Many people even lost their lives due to stress and depression alone.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • What does furlough mean?

Furlough means when an employee is on a non-consensual and temporary leave. No salary is paid during the leave of absence.

  • Will, the employee add to the company, and the employee gets kicked out after the furlough period is over?

There is a 50-50 chance if a particular employee will get fired or not. It depends on how much value does the employee add to the company as well as the economy of the company.

  • How long does a furlough last?

It may range from one week to even a year.

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