Why do people prefer working in New Zealand?

Many people who are new in New Zealand and don’t know what NZ minimum wage is. This is because the government of New Zealand is very particular about paying the deserving amount to their people. 

It has been observed that nine out of 10 people living in New Zealand take up a job in New Zealand to earn a living. The Minimum Wage in New Zealand is between $16 to $ 20 per hour, depending on the employee’s age and the work they are employed in. 

Types of wages in New Zealand

 The best part about working in New Zealand is that there is nothing like free labor in New Zealand. Whether you are a working professional or a student who works at a restaurant in your free time to earn some extra bucks, you are entitled to a minimum wage. Even if you work for two hours a day, you are still entitled to a minimum wage. 

Based on age, irrespective of the kind of work you are doing, there are three kinds of minimum wages-

 Minimum Wage for beginners 

If you are a student in New Zealand who lives on a shoestring budget and is struggling for money every month to pay bills, then you would be relieved to know that if you are in New Zealand, you are allowed to work at a professional place even at the age of 16. 

The government of New Zealand has given the privilege to work and earn to kids aged 16 to 19. Even if you can take up a part-time job at a café or in a library for two hours a day, you would be entitled to get a minimum wage of $16 per hour. 

Minimum Wage for trainees

If you have recently entered an academic course where you would be heading for industrial training in New Zealand, you would be glad to know that you would be entitled to a minimum wage of $ 16. However, the employees undergoing a training program in New Zealand are entitled to the Minimum Wage of $16 only if they are above 20 years. Employees below 20 would be entitled to the Minimum Wage for beginners, which is also $16

Minimum Wage for Adults

Companies that hire employees in New Zealand pay their employees a minimum wage of $20 per hour. It is applicable for 100% of employees in New Zealand. The only criterion is that the employees should be over 20 years.

Final Takeaway

If you ask us what NZ minimum wage is?, we will tell you that New Zealand is a progressive place and likes to pay people for their hard work. The government in New Zealand ensures everyone gets paid for their labor, whether it’s a student or a working professional. The Minimum Wage in NZ for students and trainees is $ 16 per hour, and the minimum Wage for working professionals is $ 20 per hour as of 2020.